Monday, October 6, 2014

Outfit: Stars can not shine without darkness.

"Stars can not shine without darkness" tee: Hellaholics || oversized burgundy cardigan: H&M || Spiked necklace: Zara || Lace tights: H&M || Boots: Vagabond || Bracelets: Dixi

Funny fact: I wore quite a similar combo around 2 years ago when I bought this oversized cardi from a secondhand website. Somehow I always tend to wear my burgundy oversized cardigan with lace tights,  they add some edgy twist to the outfit. It's definitely one of my favorite cardis, it's so comfortable and I love burgundy in autumn way too much! Furthermore I'm wearing my new tee I got from Hellaholics (an amazing jewelry/clothing shop from Europe's north - I love their style, check them out, you won't regret it!) - I really love its print which says "stars can not shine without darkness". It's simply the truth, we all have to face bad times in order to appreciate good times. And even though you are happy there will always be a part of sadness, too. Well, enough philosophy for now, I chose a size up in order to wear it as a dress - there's nothing more comfortable than an oversized tee worn as a dress together with some tights. The whole look is very grungy with a hint boho when looking at my jewelry. 
I really love the light last Saturday when I shot the photos for my outfit post - I'm glad the sun still shows up regularly, even though autumn has already begun and you can see all leaves turning brown, red and yellow!