Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Outfit: We Are The Underground.

"Rust Hazely" kimono: Novella Royale || Studded denim shorts: Zara || Route 66 top: Urban Outfitters || Gypsy Rocker boots: Spell Designs

in today's outfit post I'm wearing one of my signature looks again, you all know how much I love wearing a biker tee, denim shorts and a kimono all together. :-) I could get my hands on this beautiful printed kimono by Novella Royale a few months ago when it was finally on sale. I loved it immediately when I saw it on Instagram,  then I waited for it to be on sale (it was too expensive!)  and thankfully it happened pretty soon. This is my third Novella Royale kimono and they're definitely my faves besides Spell & Arnhem kimonos. I really like its warm brownish/cream colorway which goes with almost everything. Because it's still summer and pretty hot outside I didn't want the outfit too be too dark, so I combined it with my grey biker top and some washed blue denim shorts. The whole look couldn't get any more comfortable, too. 

Hugs x

Monday, August 29, 2016

Outfit: "There's always been a melancholy in me, call it desire."

Folk town play dress and Cactus Rose boots: Spell Designs || Embroidered velvet vest: Vintage || Necklaces: Vintage

70s hippie vibes & flower power all the way today, indian inspired floral prints are definitely my favorite ones when it comes to dresses. This vintage folk looking dress is from my favorite Aussie brand Spell Designs and I usually wear it together with my embroidered velvet vest I bought at a flea market earlier this year. I love the colorful combination! 
I'm also wearing my beautiful mayan calendar pendant, an old banjara necklace, a western belt from Miss Selfridge and a pair of my western boots.

Love x

Friday, August 26, 2016

Outfit: Queen Of The Road.

Tapestry Jacquard jacket: Boohoo via ASOS || Led Zeppelin shirt worn as dress: H&M || Jewelry: Vintage || Gypsy Rocker Boots: Spell Designs

It seems like I really enjoy wearing casual & comfortable looks lately, I've been posting them a lot lately  - today's post isn't an exception, I ordered this amazing tapestry jacket from ASOS the other day, because I immediately fell in love with its pattern and colors. It looks like a vintage piece and reminds me a bit of Jimi Hendrix's coats he wore back in the 60s. It's one of those jackets you can either dress up or down, here I chose an every day look and combined it with an oversized Led Zeppelin shirt from the H&M men department (they have awesome band tees at the moment!). I went two sizes up, so I can easily wear it as a dress which bring some grungy vibes to the look. 
Then I also wear my favorite necklace layering combination these days - the rosary necklace is actually a DIY, I exchanged the cross with an eagle pendant and added two feather pendants to the circle, so it looks like a small dream catcher. I'm really digging these 4 necklaces together. The one with the turquoise stone is a Vintage Spell Designs item, I found the floral indian pendant at a small jewelry tent during a local medieval festival and the feather pendant was a gift from my Mum. They all got a very similar style which makes them match very well. 

Love. xx

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Outfit: Systems Down.

Tie dye shirt: Rat & Boa1 || Biker crop tee: ASOS || Ripped jeans: Pimkie || Platform boots: Vagabond || Studded western belt: Topshop 

Today I have a laid back combo I really love to wear even during very hot days - ripped jeans are a great alternative to denim shorts sometimes. I really enjoy wearing this tie-dye shirt I bought a few weeks ago, its colors look so beautiful! I usually go for plaid flannel shirts or paisley shirts, but tie dye prints are as amazing as the previous named ones. Especially combined with grey denim and a biker tee it looks best to me. I usually wear all my skinny jeans with platform or western boots and in order to make a casual outfit look more edgy and individual I additionally add some necklaces, rings and an eye catching belt. :-)

Have a beautiful Wednesday, friends!
Love x

Monday, August 22, 2016

Outfit: LostMyHead.

Embroidered bomber jacket: Romwe || Mötley Crüe top: H&M || Sequin "bond girl" shorts: Spell Designs || Platform boots: Vagabond || Necklace: Vintage

Today's look is very very golden which is actually pretty unusual for me. Mostly I go for silver jewelry, but gold looks so good, too. I received this amazing embroidered bomber jacket from Romwe the other day and to be honest it couldn't get any better - I really love the print! It includes eagles and flowers and you all know how much I love eagles. I thought the jacket matches perfectly the golden sequin shorts I bought earlier this year. I still wanted the outfit to be casual and suitable for an every day look, so I combined it with a band tee (H&M sells very nice ones lately! So soft and inexpensive), some grungy platform boots and a tribal golden necklace originally from India.

Kisses. xx