Monday, January 29, 2018

Outfit: Prayers n Triangles.

Colorful jumper: Zara || Ripped jeans: Pimkie (old) || Jadon Boots: Dr Martens || Sunglasses: RayBan

A colorful spring look for today, it's even nice to wear during the warmer winter days. That sweater is such a dream, it's soft and colorful and looks really cute. I love wearing it with ripped denim, here I picked my fave pair of jeans, some grey skinnies,

Love x

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Outfit: Hollow Visions.

Wool embroidered jacket: Vintage || Nirvana tee: EMP || Acid wash shorts: Urban Outfitters || Jadon Boots: Dr Martens

I really love this cozy, colorful hippy jacket I bought on Etsy a few months ago. It's so colorful and it really keeps you warm when you wear some knits or flannels underneath.
Love x

Monday, January 22, 2018

Outfit: She smiles like a child with flowers in her hair.

Patchwork velvet kimono: Zara || Alice in Chains shirt worn as dress: eBay || Fishnet tights: old || Jadon Boots: Dr Martens

Today I have one of my favorite outfits from this month, I'm wearing my new patchwork kimono I got for Christmas. It's such a dream piece, it also got some faux fur leopard patches - it looks really cute. I combined it with a band tee from my favorite band Alice in Chains and my chunky Jadon Bootiessss. 

Love x

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Outfit: Walk Away With Pride.

Embroidered velvet jacket: Ebay vintage || Tie dye shirt and tie dye leggings: local small shop || Jadon Boots: Dr Martens || Indian paisley scarf: market

Some hippie look for today, I really really enjoy wearing this combo. I love comfy look for days I go to university or just chill in town, this one here is perfect for doing that. I'm wearing a vintage embroidered velvet jacket I got from eBay. I loved its beautitful brown/goldish color immediately. I added a hippie sun/moon tie dye shirt, tie dye leggings and some docs to complete the look.

Love xx

Monday, January 15, 2018

Outfit post: New Death Sensation.

Leather jacket: 70s Vintage || Led Zeppelin Shirt: Urban Outfitters || Jadon Boots: Dr Martens 

I'm pretty much into longer leather jackets from the 70s, I think you all know my favorite black one. I found this beauty on ASOS Marketplace the other day and immediately liked its color. I combined it with a secondhand flannel shirt, a Led Zeppelin band tee, some denim cut offs and my fave pair of docs.

Love xx

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Outfit: Night time, cavity, come in.

Moon sun shirt: Secondhand || Led Zeppelin tee: Urban Outfitters || 1460 boots: Dr Martens

Believe it or not I found this awesome shirt in a local secondhand shop and only had to pay 1$ for it, it was such a bargain. I love wearing it with band tees or underneath leather jackets. Here I'm wearing one of my casual looks I'm also wearing in university very often. 
I'm also pretty much into wearing docs, they're so comfy, go with everything and keep you warm in winter.

Love x

Monday, January 8, 2018

Outfit: RX Queen.

Tie dye sweatshirt: Romwe || Round Metal sunglasses: Ray Ban || Jadon Boots: Dr Martens || Denim tie dye shorts:  old

Today I'm wearing a very colorful tie dye combo with pink and purple hues I really like. It's been still cold outside, so I usually throw over a coat. I received this cute sweatshirt from Romwe the other day and immediately thought of combining it with my old tie dye denim shorts, they got a very similar colorway. I also love wearing tights and leggings with denim shorts in winter, it never gets old.

Love xx