Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Outfit: Wild wild west.

Savannah play dress: Spell Designs || Necklace: Urban Outfitters || Concho western hat: Forever 21 || Boots: Zara

There are no better dresses than white crochet/lace ones. I bought this gorgeous one from my favorite brand Spell Designs in February when it was still cold and there was snow everywhere. Funny fact: I usually shop my summer dresses in winter whereas in summer I always keep my eyes open for a gorgeous winter coat or cozy sweaters. Is there anyone of you guys who's doing the same each year? :D
Crochet lace pieces will never get old and this one is just perfect. it can also be unbottened and worn as a short sleeved kimono which is such a nice idea and makes it even more versatile. I went for a western inspired look and chose my studded cowboy boots, navajo rings and bracelets and my favorite hat with a concho band. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Outfit: Dancing with wolves.

Paisley bow blouse & Studded cowboy boots: Zara || Studded shorts: River Island (old) || Necklaces: Dixi & Spell Designs 

To be honest I'm not regularly wearing blouses, I even only have a few in my wardrobe. I'm usually a t-shirt/casual top type of girl, but this one is just perfect. I bought it at Zara a couple of weeks ago and I immediately fell in love with its warm colors and mandala inspired print. The orange/brown tones fit perfectly to late summer/early autumn days, don't they? :-)
The blouse is so 60s/70s what I love. Furthermore it got that cute bow tie I prefer wearing loose. I didn't want the outfit to be too dressy, so I went for my studded pair of denim shorts (one of my all time favorites!) and added some Rock 'n' Roll to the whole look. I've already been owning the studded cowboy booties for a really long time now, I remember buying that pair in 2012! I'm still wearing the hell out of these bad boys, leather boots definitely last a very long time (sometimes probably even a lifetime! :D) and they get more and more comfortable over the years. 

Happy new week, friends! Love xx 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Outfit: Roll like thunder, burn like stars.

Hitchhiker kimono in Sienna Tiger: Novella Royale  || Fringed biker top: Topshop (old) || Shorts: Pimkie (similar available on Zalando) || Cowboy boots: Gamloong || Necklaces: Boho Moon & Claires || Concho belt: Lovestrength

My favorite this summer's outfit - you can't imagine how many times I've worn this exact combination during the super hot summer days 2 weeks ago. There's no tee or crop top existing in my wardrobe which is more suitable for this sweaty weather. it's flowy, cropped and goes with everything. On top of that may I present you my latest addiction? This freakin' perfect kimono. I already bought myself a Novella Royale kimono in amethyst for christmas last year and I have worn this baby for so many times. When I clicked through the pages on Revolve I found this amazing kimono in Sienna Tiger print which immediately got me. I remember the first print I saw by Novella Royale was this one, but in bell bottoms a couple of years ago. Since then my love for Novella Royale began and when I saw that there's a kimono in this exact amazing print I had to get it. It's actually been one of the most beautiful boho prints I've seen so far, its brown & warm colors in addition to the outstanding 70s vintage print make it perfect. I really do love brown/earthy tones, those are simply beautiful. Furthermore those kimonos are all made of rayon which is the best (!) fabric in summer, you won't sweat in it and it always feels like silk on skin. 
I've been still enjoying maybe the last couple of warm days, I'm going to miss summer so much. It's always the same you've been looking forward to summer all winter/spring long and then it's there, but passes as fast as it arrives. Seasons are beautiful, but those very cold winter days is definitely something I'd rather renounce. 

Happy weekend, lovers! xx

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Outfit: Take a ride on the wild side.

Printed babydoll dress: Forever 21 || Necklaces: Topshop, &Vintage Willow || Thunderbird Cuff: Alushia Sanchia || Studded cowboy boots: Zara 

I haven't worn dresses for a while, so here's finally an outfit including one again. It's one of my favorite dresses I've purchased this year and on top of that it was such a bargain. I remember it wasn't more than 18$ and the quality is pretty good! It looks just like one sold at Free People, but those clothes  are definitely way more expensive (+100$). There was also a blue version, but the burgundy/red tone got me at first sight. It's freakin' comfy because of its baggy babydoll fit and I love to knot it in order to make it look more flattering and cooler. Btw knotting dresses can do wonders especially when the those are too long for your taste and/or are very baggy. 
I really love my accessorizing here! I mixed up silver and gold jewellery (more gold, though) and I'm also wearing my favorite (seriously, I love it so much) thunderbird cuff I bought years ago. I wear it as often as I can when it fits well to the outfit like it does here. 


Monday, August 17, 2015

Outfit: I saw you in my sleep, darling.

Lace embroidered duster cardigan & Necklaces: Forever 21 || Floral tasseled two-piece set: Nasty Dress || Studded cowboy boots: Zara || Concho belt: Lovestrength

Showing my girliest side for the beginning of this new week! Summer hasn't left yet and I'm really thankful for that, because I love the heat so much! So there's still plenty of time left when I can wear my colorful, flowy looks until it's coat season again. I got really excited when this cute two-piece set arrived from Nasty Dress, it's even more beautiful than I expected it to be when seeing it on the website. The color popping flowers on vanilla/creamish background just needed to be worn with lace. I love combining floral prints with lace, here even my duster got the same creamish tone which makes it even more well matching. I bought the duster at Forever 21 last summer, it looks way more expensive than it was. Btw Forever 21 is definitely the place to shop when you're searching for some awesome (+ expensive looking) statement pieces especially in summer season, you just have to keep your eyes peeled for them (those usually hide between basic stuff. :b).
  For the finish I went for tribal jewellery mixed up with navajo vintage bracelets/rings as usual and a concho belt. 
I hope you all had a great weekend, mine wasn't that exciting to be honest - I did the usual like spending hours in front of my Laptop while browsing through Tumblr blogs, listening to some classic Rock 'n' Roll music and watching Youtube videos. Besides tons of Motley Crüe/Van Halen/Black Sabbath songs I also checked out the just released album stream of the new album "Immortalized" (listen to it here) by Disturbed, they did an amazing job as usual. They definitely brought me through the rainy and boring Sunday! :D
I'm really looking forward to traveling to Munich tomorrow, I haven't been there for months and I really miss this city. Especially the beautiful Starnberger Lake right next to Munich.  Can't wait for that day off. :)

Love xx