Friday, July 3, 2015

Outfit: Desert Lovin'.

Cut-out shoulders buffalo tee & printed dress: Urban Outfitters || Necklaces: Vintage; Forever 21 || Biker Boots: Sacha (old)

A very casual look for the end of the week, but still an edgy combo. Here I'm wearing one of my summer dresses with a cute 70s inspired boho print underneath a printed tee. I always love collecting biker tees like this one which got an awesome buffalo skull logo and cut-out shoulder details. I had the idea of wearing a tee above a short & flowy babydoll dress for so long and I think these two pieces match perfectly! In order to give some shape to the outfit, I knotted the tee. Plus I rediscovered my beloved biker boots I've worn so many many times! I've been owning these beauties for such a long time now, I guess around 4 years. I haven't worn them that often in outfit posts, I don't know why.. this definitely has to change! They add that casual laid-back feeling to the look and they're so comfortable. Furthermore my necklace/ring/bracelet game is going strong again, it's summer and you can finally wear all your treasures without hiding them under jackets or coats. They're definitely the highlight of the outfit and make it look individual. 

Have a beautiful, relaxing weekend friends!
Love you. xx

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Outfit: Spread out your wings and learn to fly to a new world.

Gypsiana shirt dress (worn as jacket): Spell Designs || Jimi Hendrix acid wash tee: ASOS || Shorts: Pimkie (old) - similar here || Necklace: Urban Outfitters || Boots: Vagabond

"Open your heart, Open your mind , To a new world,
Spread out your wings and learn to fly  to a new world,
Make it worth your time when you move on,
To whatever the hell is next 
Know that you went in the end  without a single regret 
That you lived and loved and laughed  and cried and followed your dreams
Run free and wild, Let your heart soar with the eagles,
Let your love take over , You won't be alone in the end." 
- Run Free by Asking Alexandria (Sorry, I'm kinda obsessing over their songs and lyrics again at the moment. And that live video is perfection, I could watch it over and over again. :b)

The heat is coming up again and so do my summer looks - I enjoy wearing that color combination a lot, I love the mixture of grey shades with some pink and black hues. That band tee is killer, I loved it at first sight. It's different to usual band tees and got that nice acid wash which always looks so cool. I combined it with my darker washed shorts, I think they both match very well! Here I'm wearing my shirt dress as a kimono/cardigan, it's such a versatile piece. I'm also digging its nice length, not too short and not too long. 

Love xx

Monday, June 29, 2015

Outfit: Low Lives in Hi Definition.

Holographic denim jacket: ASOS || Metallica tee & necklace: Urban Outfitters || Destroyed jeans: H&M || Boots: Ash 

"Low Lives in high definition,
I wanna smash my television,
somebody let me outta cage,
And I'll put the guitar outta the grave"

Woohoo it's Monday again and a new week is waiting for us. Here's probably my most Rock 'n' Roll inspired outfit I've posted for a while and that's no lie: I wore this combo 3 times last week! This pair of skinny jeans is my favorite one, the holes and rips are placed perfectly and I can't imagine any better trousers. The coolest denim jacket I have in my wardrobe is definitely this one. I haven't seen anything like this before, it got a holographic foil coating plus some destroyed details which I love. I combined it with my Metallica tee I bought on sale at Urban Outfitters half a year ago. I remember it was a real bargain, it was just around 6€! 
It's one of those outfits I'd say it's so "me", I always feel comfortable in and it's probably my favorite combo this month. 

Have an awesome week, friends! x

Friday, June 26, 2015

Outfit: Torn Apart.

Oversized trench coat: H&M || Tee: Urban Outfitters || Bandits shorts: One Teaspoon || Boots: Vagabond

"It feels as though we're sinking
I don't know how we'll get to shore again
Sinking, we'll surface through the waves
Sinking, I don't know how we'll get to shore again
Sinking, we'll surface through the waves" - Torn Apart by Enter Shikari.

Here's one of my outfits I wore a lot the last days, the german summer wasn't that hot at the beginning of this week. Frankly this has changed and I can finally leave the house without wearing tights anymore. Anyways, I really love wearing this gorgeous trench coat I bought at H&M a while ago. It got a perfect oversized fit and a beautiful red color! I usually keep the rest of the outfit all black besides my print tee which adds some edge to the whole look. That tee is one of my all time favorites, it's simply perfect. 

Wish you all a beautiful, relaxing weekend! Love x

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Outfit: I won't let you be the death of me.

Crochet crop blouse: Topshop x Kylie & Kendall Jenner || Bandits shorts in frost: One Teaspoon || Dioon Boots: Vagabond || Jewelry: Vintage

"I won't let you be the death of me
No, I refuse to let you bring me down (bring me down)
I won't let you make me out to be
The one who's in the wrong
I know I've lost my mind before
But now I'm back
And I'm better than ever."
 - Death Of Me by Asking Alexandria 

Yes I'm seriously wearing an all white everything combo which is probably quite unusual for me to be honest - but I fuckin' love these two pieces together! When I think of all white combinations the first thing which usually comes to my mind is a combo of white trousers and a basic blouse or t-shirt which some old ladies going on a cruise are often wearing haha - you see, there are way better ideas :D 
Being dressed only in white looks great especially in summer. I already got the denim shorts in denim blue and love them to death, so I had an eye on the white version for a long time. When I had the chance to get them on sale I knew they had to get in my wardrobe. White shorts usually tend to look a bit boring and dressy, but these ones definitely don't. They got that amazing buttoned front, destroyed details and pockets. Plus they got the best fit ever like One Teaspoon denim clothing usually did!  
Furthermore it was love at first sight when I found this gorgeous cream/white blouse with cropped fit on Topshop. It's from the Kylie+Kendall Jenner collection, it's so cute and very 70s inspired. Especially the crochet details got me, they make the blouse look outstanding!

Love x