Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Special Outfit: Witchcraft

"Doll dress" with lace collar: UNIF via Shopbop || Fedora hat: Pimkie (old) get similar on ASOS || Rings: Dixi & Regalrose || Platform Boots: The Whitepepper UK

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! Yay, it's that time of the year again when all scary and weird kids can be found in the streets! To be honest I've been looking forward to my Halloween special post every year, those outfits are usually all black everything and goth inspired. I remember my first post 2 years ago (see it here) when I was wearing a studded leather jacket, spikes/studs as necklaces, rings and bracelets and a skeleton ribcage printed dress. One year ago (see the post here) I was wearing a black velvet dress, spiked headband and my favorite lace long sleeve top underneath and somehow those looks show that my style has really developed itself to a chicer, but still edgy version within the years. I think once you've found your very own style, you won't change it, but you're constantly improving it. This outfit is not only my beloved halloween special, it's also definitely one of my Top 5 favorite looks this year. It's not like I wouldn't wear exact the same combination on other days of the year (you all know me and my outfits. :-D) I immediately fell in love with the dress when I saw the fall lookbook by UNIF. I had been searching for the perfect collar dress before, but most of the dresses I saw on the internet looked cheap or quite boring. This one is made of an amazing cozy fabric, so you can wear it when it's around 15°C degrees outside without freezing, so it's probably the most perfect dress you can wear in fall. When my Mum saw the pictures she immediately said "Hey, you look like one of the salem witches!" in a way she's probably right, they were dressed quite similar. I would lie if I wouldn't admit that I got inspired by American Horror Story's 'Coven' (season 3) and the Addams Family. You remember my inspiration/shopping ideas post called "witchy vibes" (click here) a couple of days ago? Even though here in Germany the people don't celebrate Halloween  that much as the people do in the US, I still enjoy getting dressed up, being all dark and witchy without being looked at in a weird way as the people usually does on other days of the year haha (nah just kidding, maybe only the old ladies/men!). Wish you all an awesome Halloween! AND don't forget: party as hard as you can when you have the possibilities to do that! Trick or treat, gimme something sweet to eat, you know. :b 
Love xx

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Update #10

New in…
I recently bought lots of new rings from my favorite jewelry shop DIXI. They're truly my favorite designs and I finally have one with labradorite! I love that stone so much, but I hadn't found the perfect one until now (+ two moons next to it - does it get any better?) - never leaving house without at least one ring on every finger haha. (The background is my new paisley/vintage printed scarf, perfect as a cover up or for winter)

I fell in love with the new holiday season lookbook by For Love And Lemons - witchy/boho vibes and beautiful prints and fabrics - I haven't owned any dress by For Love And Lemons yet, but I need to get one of the new dresses, I'm planning to buy myself that special dress for Christmas (it's definitely more on the expensive side, but I set my heart on the one with bell sleeves). See the full lookbook here.


I watched the first Episodes of American Horror Story's Freak Show! All I can tell you is: I fuc*ing love these series! I already enjoyed Season 1 & 2 (Coven series haven't been shown on german TV yet), but when I fortunately had the possibilities to watch episode one and two from season four, they have gotten me. It's the perfect mixture of horror, thriller and drama. I'm already addicted! Jessica Lange does such an amazing job and the clown is so damn creepy haha. But there's a deep message behind the story which I love. Freaks aren't accepted by society and its prejudices. After the end of the second episode I almost had to cry to be honest, I can't tell how sorry I felt for the poor, little Meep. I'm super super excited for the next episodes!! During Episode 3 I was totally blown away by Jessica Lange's performance of"Gods And Monsters" originally by Lana Del Rey. Jessica is such an amazing, inspirational woman! Even though she's more than 60 years old, she looks so young and beautiful. She's ageless! I'd love to be like her in 45 years.

Watch the trailer here:

See Jessica Lange's performance here:

Found these two awesome songs the other day, I listen to them on repeat. My current playlist is pretty dubstep/trap/electronic influenced at this time. It simply makes me happy. Furthermore I'm currently working on a track I create by myself, making electronic music is so exciting for me. When the song is finished, I will show it to you guys!  First song of two is a free download btw, enjoy! xx

What's happening…
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Do you know those days when you keep thinking about a huge change in life, but somehow you have no idea where to start? This pretty much sums up how I feel sometimes lately (planning to do a blog post about it). Btw I remember saying "I'm starting to love fall weather" one week ago on instagram, well, I have to disagree with myself tbh - it's getting damn frosty! Here in Germany it's like winter already, only 8°C (ahhh… v.v) and I'm constantly freezing, because I still want to avoid winter jackets (I have to wear them for such a long time between December and April anyway…) and wear shorts or dresses with tights underneath my jackets. But even though it's a bit early, I enjoy the christmas decorations which are appearing bit by bit, somehow I really love the whole festive atmosphere, I'm so excited for visiting christmas markets again in December. None the less I wish here in Germany the people would celebrate Halloween as much as the american people do. Halloween is so fun, but I have the impression that it's only a party for children here which it is definitely not! Future plans: Celebrating Halloween in the US one day and rock the day as much as possible! Hell yeah. :-)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Outfit: Gypset.

Faux fur vest: H&M || "Bohemian Royale" play dress: Spell Designs || Belt: Miss Selfridge (old) || Boots: Ash || Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Who says you can't wear dresses in fall? Here is one of my favorite combos - a long sleeve summer dress + a faux fur vest and some tights. I know some people are in doubt of faux fur vest keeping you warm, but they really do! But: I'm wearing a 3/4 basic sleeve top underneath my dress that you actually can't see! It keeps you warm without looking stupid, you can get them at H&M or other shops which sell basics. The lightning was perfect on that day - furthermore there were leaves on the ground and the sun was shining with it's signature gold autumn light. I really love my purple boho dress together with the grey/black faux fur vest I bought at H&M a couple of weeks ago. I sized up, so it's also possible to wear it on top of a leather jacket when it's getting really cold outside. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Inspiration: Spell And The Gypsy's "Cactus Rose" lookbook

… and they nailed it again. It felt like christmas when the new lookbook I had been waiting for weeks finally dropped this morning - Spell designs have released their new spring range "Cactus rose" which makes me even more sad about the fact winter is just around the corner here in Germany (what wouldn't I do for being in Australia or California right now!). Beautiful dreamy pictures and an awesome location and the best: beautiful prints, fabrics and designs. I'm so excited for the three items I want to get and already pre-ordered through their stockists - the jacket and two kimonos - can't wait to have them in my wardrobe (frankly it's christmas soon). Hope you get as much inspired as I got, summer vibes. :-) xo
Get the collection on Spell's website.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Outfit: What doesn't destroy you leaves you broken instead.

Leather jacket: Zara || Tee: Urban Outfitters || Plaid shirt: Vintage || Shorts: Tally Weijl (old) || Necklace: Dixi || Boots: Choies 

The outfit includes some of my favorite clothes I already have in my wardrobe for quite a long time - for example I wore that plaid shirt around 4 years ago, I think you will never throw away a flannel unless it's totally in a bad condition, right? Leather jackets are my best friends the last days, it's getting colder and colder! I think there's nothing better than a classic biker jacket, it'll always look cool and edgy. This one is from Zara and has a nice warm lining and padded shoulders, I really appreciated it last winter! That shirt tied around waist trend is already quite old, but I love how it grunge an outfit up and it's nice when it's getting warmer and you want to take off some layers underneath your jacket. 
Wish you all an awesome new week! Can't wait to show you my Halloween special next.