Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Outfit: Feed the fire, break your vision.

"Gypsy Queen" embroidered leather jacket: Spell Designs || Velvet devore top: Urban Outfitters || Denim shorts: Romwe || Necklace: Vanessa Mooney via Free People

I had been waiting for this jacket to be available for more than 3 months, it really felt like Christmas when I finally held my package in my hands and opened it 4 weeks ago. It's probably the most expensive clothing piece I own tbh, but I know I will wear it and have it for a lifetime. It's a one-of-a-kind jacket, because it is embroidered with vintage banjara fabrics and each fabrics differ in color and design. I ordered it from Spell and I was the lucky girl who was able to pick one of 10 selected jackets first. As soon as I saw this beauty I knew this is the jacket I want - I love the colorful, but not too bright fabric with mirrors in it! It's just perfect for fall/winter/spring and it's probably the most unique biker leather jacket I've ever seen. Even in winter it's perfect for layering with some flannels or cardigans. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to wear it that often during the last weeks, because the weather's been still too warm. But this combo is simply perfect for summer nights or warm fall days when the mornings are still cold.  It's pretty much a mixture of summer (bottom) and fall (top) - I combined the jacket with an burgundy devore velvet top I got at Urban Outfitters around one year ago when it was on sale for only 12€. I really like it, because it isn't that striking, more basic like, but still edgy looking, so the top or the shorts won't distract you from the jacket which is kinda like a piece of art itself. 
You will definitely see a lot more looks with that jacket - can't wait for layering and rock it with band/biker tees! 

Love xx

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