Monday, June 30, 2014

Outfit: My Prom night.

Sequin "gabby" dress: Motel (or: ASOS) || Coin ottoman collar: Urban Outfitters US || Banjara clutch: Be Snazzy || Heels: The WhitePepper

If you follow me on instagram, you already know a little sneak-peak of my outfit I posted Saturday night when I had my prom. I took the photos just right before I went to the prom location and frankly it rained some hours later haha. ;-D I bought my dress one year before my prom actually was, because that dress totally caught my attention and I knew it must be my prom dress. Its green sequins are so beautiful, especially when you're on stage with all that light and lasers. It fits like a second skin, it's sexy and on top of that it's classy and almost vintage-looking. I got so many compliments on wearing it, it was amazing! Even though it's a festive look, I want my boho style included. So I decided to wear the dress together with my beloved coin tribal necklace, rings & bracelets and my banjara clutch. I had been searching for hours on the internet in order to find the perfect indian embroidered clutch, it wasn't that easy at all to be honest. ;-D
Talking about the prom itself it was such an awesome moment for me when I went on stage, said goodbye to the teachers and received my leaving certificate while one of my beloved songs played - "Promises" by Nero remixed by Skrillex (listen to it below) Starting the song with the bass drop, it was unforgettable. 
The prom party was actually pretty good even if I have mixed emotions for it. On one hand I won't see all those people again, everyone will go a completely different path and forget each other. At least I probably think so. On the other hand it's a new beginning. A new beginning which leads to new chances, getting to know new people (friendships which will hopefully last for a very very long time) and of course freedom. So what, I'm ready for this! x

Friday, June 27, 2014

Outfit: Make It Bun Dem

Fleetwood lace fringed blouse: Spell Designs via KyssJohanna || Necklace: Urban Outfitters || Studded shorts: River Island || Western boots: Zara

May I introduce you the coolest blouse ever? Here it is. Fringes, lace, the perfect fit… If I only was allowed to wear one blouse in life, that beauty would be my choice. I decided rather to save up money for more expensive clothing instead of buying cheaper things I actually don't like that much as I like e.g. clothing by my favorite brand Spell Designs. Furthermore when clothing is more pricy, the quality is way better, the design is timeless and edgy. Also you won't see it on somebody else in the streets every day and you can wear it years after you bought it. As soon as I walk in a e.g. H&M store, everything looks the same and you see similar stuff at different stores as well. 
Coming back to the blouse: It's very western inspired which I love! It has got that cute, slight puffy sleeves, but a slim fit and it goes perfectly with denim shorts, pants or even skirts. I usually rather go for shorts than skirts, because they are more comfortable and casual. I'm sure you already know my studded babes, I wore them many times in outfit posts last summer and I still do. You can call them probably my most worn shorts ever haha. The black color fits to everything and the studs rock every look. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Weekly Update #3

New in…
That beautiful romper which had been on my wishlist for ages, Dioon boots by Vagabond (already wore them 4 times, the most comfortable boots I've ever owned) and a vintage concho belt and tribal necklace from the market. Both were bargains! :)

Lately I've been inspired by the beautiful banjara fabrics made by indian tribes. Furthermore there's also amazing banjara jewelry! Such beautiful vibrant colors and patchwork designs! 
(Source: Pinterest)

Watched & Listened…
The whole Skrillex mothership tour video at Red Rocks, Colorado. I missed the live streaming, but frankly someone uploaded it on Youtube again one day later - 2 hours perfection. I watched it in the evening while sitting on my couch and to be honest I couldn't sit still. There was no song I didn't like, Sonny did an awesome job, he nailed it all the time. Especially the new mixed version of "Promises" is probably my favorite part - find it at 1:22:20! Watch the whole show here:

I want some dope blankets for my walls at home. You know, those huge and colorful XXL throws with different prints like moon and stars, tie-dyed patterns, mandalas, elephants or ethnic patterns. I love those, they create an awesome atmosphere in your room. Find similar on eBay.

Recently happening & random thoughts…
On Saturday I have prom night, somehow it feels insane when thinking never being in school again after 12 long years. A new chapter of my life starts right now and finally I feel free & have full control over my life and my expectations. I'm also very very happy with my beautiful I dress I already bought almost a year ago for my prom. Furthermore I'll receive the most perfect clutch ever this week, I ordered it on Sunday and I'm glad I found one I imagined before. My whole look will be very glamorous, classy, but still has a boho vibe going on. I will definitely show you the whole outfit in a post soon after Saturday. I know prom night outfits should be very chic, but "being chic" doesn't mean you can't stick to your own personal style you love the most and let it influence your look.
When I googled prom night stuff I usually got results from very desperate people like "What shell I do? I don't have a prom date??" - well actually I don't have one either, but so what? Be the prettiest, coolest & happiest girl on that day, that's all you have to do when you want the day to be great and unforgettable.

Rocking beach waves at the moment - I really love that wavy hair on me.

Tumblr enchantment…
Those awesome photos seem to show all my emotions, thoughts and wishes at the moment.
(Source: All found on Tumblr - more on my Tumblr page)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Outfit: Red rocks.

Opium kimono: Spell & The Gypsy Collective / Spell Designs || Crochet trim crop top: Urban Outfitters || Crochet shorts: H&M || Platform heels: The Whitepepper || Jewelry: Urban Outfitters, Vintage and Etsy || Concho belt: eBay

Finally I have a look with this beauty up. I bought the kimono on sale last winter and I think there's no kimono existing which is as perfect for festivals as this one. Just like all clothes by Spell Designs this kimono got an great quality, dream tassels and this glowing, vibrant red color which is simply amazing. Furthermore it has that cool thunderbird print (beaded btw) on the back, truly an eye-catcher! When I'm in town I dress the kimono a little bit down, I usually pair it with denim shorts or leggings, 1480 docs and a printed tee, so this is my ultimate festival combo, I guess. I named my look after the "Red Rocks amphitheatre "and there are also festivals during the year.  Such a beautiful location and amazing music, I wish I could be there! Wearing that kimono at a show would have been also perfect because of its red color haha. Well, maybe next year I will get to see some shows? Who knows. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Outfit: West Coast.

Printed pom pom poncho top: Urban Outfitters || Destroyed shorts: Bershka (old) || Coin collar: Urban Outfitters || Boots: Ash

"Down on the West Coast, 
they got a sayin'
"If you're not drinkin', then you're not plain'"
But you've got the music
You've got the music in you, don't you?"
- Lana Del Rey - West Coast

Starting my post with a song I'm currently playing and what lyrics and melody stuck in my head literally all the time. The look is probably quite West Coast like, I would definitely wear it while walking on the beach in L.A. ! The whole combo reminds me of my favorite 90210 (the renewed tv series) character Ivy Sullivan, she pulled off similar looks which I always loved. The poncho top is actually quite thick, so it's also perfect for colder summer days or nights out! I also love the fact that it has that perfect bright boho pattern which is not too colorful, the cute pom poms and the oversized cut look perfect paired with some high-waisted denim shorts. These are probably my favorite shorts ever, I wear them a lot in summer (I already did last year!). Actually it's a quite simple combo, but I dressed it up with some vintage treasures and my favorite coin necklace. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Weekly Update #2

New in…
Def Leppard tee, biker tee (actually all from Urban Outfitters, but got the eagle printed one secondhand for 10 bucks) and round sunnies. Furthermore two breastplate necklaces by Shop Sparrow via Hellaholics . I had been searching for breastplate necklaces for such a long time, finally found some really beautiful ones. New faves!

by some really nice impressions from the Sweden festival posted on - I love festival photography so much, I could spend hours looking at photos taken at festivals. Perfect fashion, perfect vibes and I'm sure the music was also great! Those pictures immediately make me switching on my stereo and playing Hard Rock songs. Long live Rock 'n' Roll! (all credits for the photos to

Last week there was "Children Who Chase Lost Voices" on TV, it's a japanese anime and it throws me right back to my teenage years when I was 12 and totally obsessing over manga comics and anime movies like "Spirited Away" or "Princess Mononoke" by the Ghibli studio. It's probably an anime for the older kids, I loved the plot and the whole work! Beautiful pictures, moments and meaning. It feels good to relive the same excitement for the same kind of movie you already had 8 years ago. Like feeling nostalgia, but with curiosity. Magical!
(Picture sources: Courtesy of CoMix Wave Films )

Lana Del Rey's new album "Ultraviolence" totally got me. I've already found my two favorite songs on the CD: "West Coast" and "Old Money". Simply perfect.

I definitely need new swimwear, I really like the ones they sell at Urban Outfitters at the moment. Actually I just love wearing bikini suits, swimsuits look terrible on me. Furthermore it should be high-waisted, I think it gives your body a nice shape and you don't feel that much naked, you know. (all bikini suits you can see are from Urban Outfitters EU)

Random thoughts…
Sometimes I wonder if love is essential in life - and I always come to the conclusion it definitely is. I don't mean relationships between friends or families, I mean finding the "true love". I'm currently single and to me it's really important that it's love at first sight. To me there's no way stronger emotions can develop in a friendship, there are those emotions at the beginning or they won't never be there. Or so am I thinking - what's your opinion on that topic or what are your experiences? Just comment below, you can be anonymous as well when you don't want to let anyone know your name. 

Tumblr enchantment…
Recently I don't have a topic, so I picked my favorites from the last week. 
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