Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wardrobe loves: The kimono jacket.

As I already mentioned some posts before I want to introduce my new category "Wardrobe loves" - I want to show you some of my favorite pieces/collections, the reasons why everyone should own at least one babe of that kind of clothing and additionally I have picked some shopping ideas just for you! Starting with my most loved addiction: The kimono jacket! 

Some pics of my 'little' collection (yeah, it's getting a little out of hand. )

You all know I already posted tons of looks including them and I usually wear them every day in summer (they're probably my replacement for my beloved leather jackets when it's too hot… ;-) ). Kimonos are originally inspired by japanese traditional kimonos worn by Geishas or at celebrations. Later the modified version in form of a light, flowy jacket became popular with western culture and typical for boho/hippy fashion in the 70s. The longer, maxi version of the kimono is actually called "duster" originally worn by Cowboys in order to protect their clothes from the sand and dust. It's like a long coat made of sheerer and softer materials like chiffon, silk or viscose. There are so many possibilities to wear kimonos or dusters and they are always add a cool, laid-back edge to every outfit! My favorite combo is a kimono worn with cut-off shorts, a biker/band shirt or crop top and boots. Of course it also looks great with light summer dresses, too. And even if the weather gets colder you can wear the more tight fitting ones underneath leather or denim jackets. In general kimonos are the perfect layering pieces!

(sources: Tumblr and

Why am I loving them so much?
There are many reasons for it. First of all the "practical advantages". On one hand they still keep you warm in early summer mornings when there's still a cold breeze from the night in the air as well as in late summer nights, when it gets colder. That also means you have to be careful and make sure to pick one having a good quality. If a kimono is too cheap and made from synthetic fabric, you will sweat a lot in it! So choose a more pricy one over a really cheap one - they usually last for several summers and are definitely worth the money. On the other hand they protect you from getting burnt by the sun, so you don't need to renew the sunscreen on your skin every 60 minutes when you're outside (That's probably why they are so popular with people at festivals!).
The more psychological facts are (or so I think) that you feel like a happy hippy-bird, you are literally  whirling and dancing around while wearing them. My mood always cheers up ;-D

Shopping ideas:
There are so many different versions available this summer e.g. kimonos with fringe, floral or ethnic prints, maxi or short lengths and even there are some with cut-out details! Some of the prints are truly art-pieces and unfortunately really, really pricy.
I searched for some really cool looking ones which are mostly quite affordable and you can wear all summer long and the summer after, I promise!

Cover-up/short kimonos:
From left to right:
Scarf print kimono: Urban Outfitters
Boho symbol patterned kimono by Spell Designs: Free People
White aztec patterned kimono: Urban Outfitters
Ethnic print kimono: OASAP
Fringed paisley kimono: eBay
Fringed roses kimono: Romwe
Floral kimono: InLoveWithFashion
Kaleidoscop kimono: Topshop

Kimono dusters:
From left to right:
Embroidered black duster: Urban Outfitters
velvet burn out fringed duster: eBay
Ethnic print duster by Novella Royale: Free People
Ethnic green/red printed duster by Native Rose: ASOS
Black lace duster by For Love & Lemons: ShopBop
Kaleidoscop duster: Topshop
Floral tasseld duster by Reverse: NastyGal
Patchwork-printed duster: ASOS

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  1. I am also so in love with kimono's. They're such a great addition to a wardrobe. I SOOOO need one!

    x Dawn