Monday, June 30, 2014

Outfit: My Prom night.

Sequin "gabby" dress: Motel (or: ASOS) || Coin ottoman collar: Urban Outfitters US || Banjara clutch: Be Snazzy || Heels: The WhitePepper

If you follow me on instagram, you already know a little sneak-peak of my outfit I posted Saturday night when I had my prom. I took the photos just right before I went to the prom location and frankly it rained some hours later haha. ;-D I bought my dress one year before my prom actually was, because that dress totally caught my attention and I knew it must be my prom dress. Its green sequins are so beautiful, especially when you're on stage with all that light and lasers. It fits like a second skin, it's sexy and on top of that it's classy and almost vintage-looking. I got so many compliments on wearing it, it was amazing! Even though it's a festive look, I want my boho style included. So I decided to wear the dress together with my beloved coin tribal necklace, rings & bracelets and my banjara clutch. I had been searching for hours on the internet in order to find the perfect indian embroidered clutch, it wasn't that easy at all to be honest. ;-D
Talking about the prom itself it was such an awesome moment for me when I went on stage, said goodbye to the teachers and received my leaving certificate while one of my beloved songs played - "Promises" by Nero remixed by Skrillex (listen to it below) Starting the song with the bass drop, it was unforgettable. 
The prom party was actually pretty good even if I have mixed emotions for it. On one hand I won't see all those people again, everyone will go a completely different path and forget each other. At least I probably think so. On the other hand it's a new beginning. A new beginning which leads to new chances, getting to know new people (friendships which will hopefully last for a very very long time) and of course freedom. So what, I'm ready for this! x

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  1. Love that dress so much! I remember seeing it mega-discounted on Motel last year - was tempted to get it but knew I wouldn't wear it much if I did, but it's perfect for prom! <3