Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Outfit: Take me to the Evergreen.

Glastonbury lace dress: Spell Designs || Jewelry: Vintage findings || Boots: Bershka

This is probably my favorite look ever, because it includes my favorite dress. Well, actually I have many dresses I really love, but this one is perfection. I had been longing for it for ages, then I finally got it and I will never let it leave me again. Seriously, it has the perfect fit, perfect details and I always feel like a fairy and fall in love with it again and again while wearing it. It's no wonder actually because it's from my favorite brand, unfortunately it wasn't that 'cheap' at all - but it was definitely worth it, because it will accompany me through the next summers haha. You all have probably seen I have a little white lace obsession, because it's my favorite fabric in summer (velvet in winter btw!). One day I want to have a wedding dress which is similar looking to this one hehe. I put my favorite vintage treasures on and some western boots and voila - the look is completely me. I also played with some vintage effects while editing the pictures from my shoot, do you like it? I always love using vintage effects, but they shouldn't ruin the whole photo when they're too extreme in my opinion.  
The last days have been so hot, everyone's melting here in Germany - 35-36 degrees, but somehow I enjoy the heat while staying out of the sun. I'm literally jumping from shadow to shadow… or should I better said chasing shadows?). It had been a long winter this year, so I really can't understand those people constantly complaining about the high temperature - it's only summer one time in the year and to me the heat is more nice to my body as the terrible cold in winter. Just drinking some cool drinks and everything's fine! xx


  1. This dress is beautiful ! :o Wow *.*

  2. WOW! Are you wearing see-through tights here? :)

  3. OMG You are soo sexy and beautiful, you have legs too die for in those super beautiful tights <3