Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Outfit: Aloha Python.

Aloha Python Duster kimono: Spell Designs via KyssJohanna || Tee: Secondhand, originally from Zara || Shorts: Romwe || Western booties: Zara || Coin boho necklace: Urban Outfitters || Concho belt: Lovestrength

I wore this outfit or at least this beautiful snake printed duster more than 4 times last week, it's simply perfect. The kimono is like a dream which became reality! Its material is flowy, soft and the best thing to wear during hot summer days when the sun is constantly shining. I'm obsessing over its beautiful beige/cream/brownish snake print so hard! Actually I love snakes as well, they are beautiful little creatures, even though there are many people who don't really like them. It's my first full-length kimono and I like the fact that it isn't oversized, it's straight fitting so it adds a nice silhouette to your body! Furthermore it's not too short and not too long for me, wearing full-length clothing can be really annoying sometimes when it's too long and drag on the ground even while wearing heels, but I can wear the kimono with flats, too!  I love wearing it with cowboy booties, biker tees and cut-offs, because it's comfortable and a bit 'dressed down'. Of course I also wear a lot vintage jewelry as usual, I'm so happy it's finally summer and your jewelry can actually be seen (in winter necklaces or bracelets are underneath your scarves or coats…)! I decided to get the other version of my favorite ottoman coin necklace, too. It has a longer fringe than my first one I bought, but after constantly wearing it, I wanted to wear the bigger sister of course haha. 

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