Thursday, June 5, 2014

Outfit: Ultraviolence.

Floral High-low dress: Banggood || Studded vest: Zara (very old) || Fishnet tights: Forever 21 || Necklace: Zara || Platform heels: eBay

I received this beautiful dress from Banggood last week and it's perfect! It's flowy and has a beautiful flower print. I also love its mint color which is perfect for summer! High low dresses can be worn in so many different ways, I usually decide to grunge it up. This one can be dressed chic, romantic or grungier like I did. Because of its flowers and cute details I combined it with fishnets (Floral prints + fishnet tights = perfection in my opinion!), platform heels and a studded leather vest I bought a couple of years ago. Even though vests doesn't really keep you warm and are quite useless in winter days, they look great in summer especially on dresses or sleeveless tops. Floral prints are definitely one of my most-worn prints, they will never get old and always look feminine. The only problem is there are many clothes with flowers on it which can look like they come directly from your grandma's wardrobe - like some blouses, old fashioned dresses, you know. But I promise there won't be a high low dress in your granny's wardrobe except she's a really cool and trendy grandma (Mine definitely isn't!). 


  1. Ein traumhaftes Kleid + ich mag diese Kombis von hellen/pasteligen Kleidungsst├╝cken zu derben Schwarz/Nieten/etc..
    Sieht klasse aus!

  2. Ich liebe dich