Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Special Outfit: Witchcraft

"Doll dress" with lace collar: UNIF via Shopbop || Fedora hat: Pimkie (old) get similar on ASOS || Rings: Dixi & Regalrose || Platform Boots: The Whitepepper UK

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! Yay, it's that time of the year again when all scary and weird kids can be found in the streets! To be honest I've been looking forward to my Halloween special post every year, those outfits are usually all black everything and goth inspired. I remember my first post 2 years ago (see it here) when I was wearing a studded leather jacket, spikes/studs as necklaces, rings and bracelets and a skeleton ribcage printed dress. One year ago (see the post here) I was wearing a black velvet dress, spiked headband and my favorite lace long sleeve top underneath and somehow those looks show that my style has really developed itself to a chicer, but still edgy version within the years. I think once you've found your very own style, you won't change it, but you're constantly improving it. This outfit is not only my beloved halloween special, it's also definitely one of my Top 5 favorite looks this year. It's not like I wouldn't wear exact the same combination on other days of the year (you all know me and my outfits. :-D) I immediately fell in love with the dress when I saw the fall lookbook by UNIF. I had been searching for the perfect collar dress before, but most of the dresses I saw on the internet looked cheap or quite boring. This one is made of an amazing cozy fabric, so you can wear it when it's around 15°C degrees outside without freezing, so it's probably the most perfect dress you can wear in fall. When my Mum saw the pictures she immediately said "Hey, you look like one of the salem witches!" in a way she's probably right, they were dressed quite similar. I would lie if I wouldn't admit that I got inspired by American Horror Story's 'Coven' (season 3) and the Addams Family. You remember my inspiration/shopping ideas post called "witchy vibes" (click here) a couple of days ago? Even though here in Germany the people don't celebrate Halloween  that much as the people do in the US, I still enjoy getting dressed up, being all dark and witchy without being looked at in a weird way as the people usually does on other days of the year haha (nah just kidding, maybe only the old ladies/men!). Wish you all an awesome Halloween! AND don't forget: party as hard as you can when you have the possibilities to do that! Trick or treat, gimme something sweet to eat, you know. :b 
Love xx

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  1. Awesome, I love it.