Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Outfit: We Are The Underground.

"Rust Hazely" kimono: Novella Royale || Studded denim shorts: Zara || Route 66 top: Urban Outfitters || Gypsy Rocker boots: Spell Designs

in today's outfit post I'm wearing one of my signature looks again, you all know how much I love wearing a biker tee, denim shorts and a kimono all together. :-) I could get my hands on this beautiful printed kimono by Novella Royale a few months ago when it was finally on sale. I loved it immediately when I saw it on Instagram,  then I waited for it to be on sale (it was too expensive!)  and thankfully it happened pretty soon. This is my third Novella Royale kimono and they're definitely my faves besides Spell & Arnhem kimonos. I really like its warm brownish/cream colorway which goes with almost everything. Because it's still summer and pretty hot outside I didn't want the outfit too be too dark, so I combined it with my grey biker top and some washed blue denim shorts. The whole look couldn't get any more comfortable, too. 

Hugs x

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  1. Ein perfektes Outfit für diese heißen Sommertage:)
    LG Ina