Friday, September 2, 2016

Outfit: Future runs magnetic.

Southwestern printed denim jacket: Romwe || Bohemian Royale play dress & Cactus Rose boots: Spell Designs || Jewelry: Vintage

Somehow this outfit totally reminds me of road trips and hot summer nights, because I wore that kind of combinations very often during these occasions. Here you see one of my all time favorite dresses which go with everything and I love to wear all the time. I've been owning this beautiful dress since 2 years and it's probably the one I wear the most. I love it with shorter jackets and its colors match my new jacket I received from Romwe the other day so well! The denim jacket got an oversized fit and southwestern tapestry inspired patches on the back and shoulders. It's so soft, too! I'm thinking about adding some studs and patches to it, so it'll become even more good looking and more personal. That jacket is definitely perfect for some DIYs. If it's ready I'll show you the result on my Instagram page. :-)

Love x

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  1. Sieht wirklich bequem und gemütlich aus das Outfit:)
    LG Ina