Monday, September 12, 2016

Outfit: Live wild.

Indian bib dress: Urban Outfitters || Indian jewelry: Vintage (try eBay or Etsy for similar pieces) || Gypsy Rocker boots: Spell Designs

When it comes to dresses you all know my love for vintage indian dresses from the 60s/70s and sometimes with some luck you can find inspired dresses which look almost identical to the old designs in high street shops, too. This beautiful coral/cream colored bib dress is from the Urban Outfitters' brand "Staring At Stars" which I bought in spring a few months ago. I really loved its patchwork design and different textures. I kept the look very indian (maybe except the boots... that's cowboy/biker style haha...) like my old banjara necklace made with antique coins, bracelets and silver rings including lapis, coral, moonstone and onyx stones. 
This outfit is one of my late summer looks, you actually can feel fall slowly arriving - the light gets gold and warmer or the breeze is a bit colder even if it's still very hot outside. 
Even though summer is my favorite season, I'm looking forward to wearing my leather jackets, soft flannels and ripped denim again! :-) 

Love x

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