Friday, August 26, 2016

Outfit: Queen Of The Road.

Tapestry Jacquard jacket: Boohoo via ASOS || Led Zeppelin shirt worn as dress: H&M || Jewelry: Vintage || Gypsy Rocker Boots: Spell Designs

It seems like I really enjoy wearing casual & comfortable looks lately, I've been posting them a lot lately  - today's post isn't an exception, I ordered this amazing tapestry jacket from ASOS the other day, because I immediately fell in love with its pattern and colors. It looks like a vintage piece and reminds me a bit of Jimi Hendrix's coats he wore back in the 60s. It's one of those jackets you can either dress up or down, here I chose an every day look and combined it with an oversized Led Zeppelin shirt from the H&M men department (they have awesome band tees at the moment!). I went two sizes up, so I can easily wear it as a dress which bring some grungy vibes to the look. 
Then I also wear my favorite necklace layering combination these days - the rosary necklace is actually a DIY, I exchanged the cross with an eagle pendant and added two feather pendants to the circle, so it looks like a small dream catcher. I'm really digging these 4 necklaces together. The one with the turquoise stone is a Vintage Spell Designs item, I found the floral indian pendant at a small jewelry tent during a local medieval festival and the feather pendant was a gift from my Mum. They all got a very similar style which makes them match very well. 

Love. xx


  1. Das Led Zeppelin T-Shirt als Kleid kommt gut. Gefällt mir der Look1:)
    LG Ina