Friday, August 5, 2016

Outfit: Come on, come in.

Embroidered velvet vest: Vintage via eBay || Floral 70s inspired dress: Zara || Necklaces: Vintage || Platform boots: Vagabond

Today I have an outfit which looks like it comes directly from the 70s - definitely one of my favorite styles to wear! If you've been following my outfit posts for a certain time, you'll probably recognize my original 70s afghan vest I already wore in outfit posts before. It's such a great find, because it's a really old piece with a high quality embroidery. Because of its gorgeous dark pink/purple velvet shade which resembles the purple flowers in the print of the dress I thought these two are made for being worn together. I usually wear dresses in combination with vests these days, because it makes every outfit look more interesting and unique. I bought this floral dress at Zara a few months ago. I loved it from the beginning because its print is very very vintage looking and the colors are a nice combo you don't see that often in prints. I'm also wearing my new pendant I got from my mum, isn't it beautiful? It's a mayan sun calendar made of sterling silver. It has become one of my favorite pieces, I've been fascinated by mayan culture for a very long time and this calendar is so beautifully made. 

Love x


  1. Ein schönes Kleid. Kleider sind nach Shorts Deine Kleidungsstücke. Die Weste passt wunderbar dazu. Der neue Maja-Anhänger ist wirklich interessant, vielleicht kannst Du das nächste mal ein Großaufnahme posten, das man die Details genauer sehen kann:)
    LG Ina

  2. beautiful! Greetings from Poland :-)