Friday, January 31, 2014

When these two worlds collide, there's nothing left behind.

Shirt: Librastyle || Cardigan: Romwe || Leather jacket: Forever 21 || Ripped lace leggings: Sammy Dress || Studded bag: Sammy Dress || Boots: Dr. Martens 

All I do is layering in winter. Somehow I prefer wearing tons of layers instead of wearing a warm winter jacket and only a shirt. To me it's always way cozier and I don't need to leave my favorite jackets in my closet during winter which is SO annoying, isn't it? That grey-black cardigan has become my favorites, because it's so soft and the color goes with everything and adds a highlight to black outfits. I bought the leather jacket one size up in order to wear more layers underneath, but fortunately the jacket is pretty warm on its own because of its faux fur collar and quilted lining. I was so happy when this cool comic printed shirt arrived from Librastyle , they also sell many other awesome tees, the shop is definitely worth checking out! The tees are affordable and on top of that the quality is amazing! I also got a second cropped one  that I'm going to show you in one of my upcoming outfit posts. I hadn't worn a bag in my outfit posts before, I guess haha. Well, I had to show you this one, because it's simply perfect. When it comes to bags I'm sooooo picky. I usually wear studded or fringed ones, but I'm always looking for some edgy ones. This one has lovely studs all over and the size is perfect (I usually only take my iPhone, pocket mirror, lipstick,sunglasses and money with me) . That bad boy is from the wholesale shop Sammy Dress where you can buy so many awesome stuff for such a low price. The quality is still very satisfying and they've got some edgy clothing you won't see in the streets every day. The ripped lace leggings are also available there - somehow they remind me of my disco pants because of the very tight fitting (even though the material is less thick) what is definitely positive!

… By the way if someone's wondering about the title "When these two worlds collide, there's nothing left behind." I used - it's a part of a chorus of one of the greatest songs ever to me - "Collide" by Axewound. When you're not into rock/metal music and screaming (okay there's singing in it, only parts of screaming) you should better not listen to it haha. But if you are, you'll have to give it a try. :-)  

Monday, January 27, 2014

Silver soul.

Leather jacket: Zara || Sequin dress: Zara || Necklace: Forever21 || Boots: Ash 

I saw this sequin dress in a campaign photo on the Zara website and I knew I had to get it - unfortunately I had to wait 2 months until they finally put it online and start selling it. So I immediately went to Zara the next day and bought it haha. It's simply beautiful and it's similar (no, it's almost the same!) to the sequin dress by Saint Laurent for the AW13/14 collection. I'm a huge fan of Hedi Slimane's creations, because his clothes are 90's perfection in a very glamorous and beautiful way. I love the fact that the dress is also some kind of lingerie-like because of its straps and mesh hem. To me this dress is not only wearable at night, that's why I decided to wear it with a biker jacket and my all-time favorite studded booties. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Turn The Page.

Oversized denim jacket: Romwe || Metallica tee: Urban Outfitters || Floral skirt: Urban Outfitters || Boots: Zara

Here you see probably the coolest denim jacket of my wardrobe ever. It's a perfect layering piece, adds some 90s spirit to every outfit and I love its grey color! I had only got blue denim jackets before which sometimes don't fit to some outfits. This one is definitely the best alternative for a black biker leather jacket. I was so happy when I went to Urban Outfitters the other day and saw this cute floral skirt and metallica shirt (actually from the men collection, but so what) on sale for only 17€ each. I'm in love with Urban Outfitters, but usually it's pretty expensive and it's worth waiting for some pieces to be on sale. 

Somehow the darker and colder the weather gets, I'm dreaming more and more of summer, my boho/hippie looks, my kimonos and crop tops. I already found myself clicking through summer/sun/boho/hippie fashion blogs on tumblr and buying some Kimonos… Aww winter go away!
Do you already think the same? I really miss the sun and the heat. 

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

I Am Electric.

Flannel plaid shirt: Silence&Noise || Cropped tee: Pull&Bear || Disco Pants: American Apparel || Boots: Dr. Martens

Do you know that when you own a piece of clothing what always reminds you on beautiful days or moments every time you wear it? That flannel shirt is such a kind of clothing to me. I bought it on a beautiful pre-christmas day when I was in town (I had to get it, it has the perfect length, material and colors aww....)  with my mum and went to the local christmas market. Somehow clothes can be beautiful souvenirs, can't they? Talking about my whole outfit it's definitely a more casual look and on top of that it's very comfortable. Disco pants are definitely the best solution on cold winter days because they really keep you warm AND look good. I always love wearing cropped tops and high waist pants/shorts/skirts and this one matches to the colors of the plaid shirt. 

The days after New Year's Day has been fortunately less stressful than the days were before christmas, but the next dates full of testpapers will come soon and learning is still necessary. I'm getting really tired of all that learning stuff and the long afternoons I spend sitting in my classes. A-Levels preparation will start very soon, hopefully everything works out for me. Well, despite everything my weekends are free and I'm always able to take some pictures for my outfit posts or to prepare some ideas for posts. Loads of posts I planned like a Room-Tour, my jewelry impressions or my favorite clothing of my wardrobe which goes with everything and every time will be online soon. :-)

... And yeah I'm obsessing over that special song at the moment: "I Am Electric" by Heaven's Basement. Give it a try when you're into rock music. :-)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Golden Times.

Chain printed bomber jacket: Front Row Shop || Nirvana shirt: Urban Outfitters || Navy velvet skirt: OASAP || Necklace: Zara || Boots: Dr. Martens
This is one of my favorite and very often worn outfits these days. Even if it's winter I don't want to stop wearing skirts, so I usually throw a coat over and wear two pairs of tights. On top of that the winter in Germany isn't that cold this year fortunately. Especially velvet skirts keep you warm and they always look good. To be honest it's my favorite material, but I'm sure you already noticed that haha. :-)
That golden chain printed bomber jacket from Front Row Shop immediately caught my attention. It reminds me of vintage Chanel jackets and I remember searching for that kind of jacket already one year ago. Front Row Shop shipped it out pretty fast and it arrived quite early even though there were christmas holidays and the package came from China - the quality feels great and the print is so beautiful. I really love the combination of gold and navy blue! To add some 90s spirit I put my favorite Nirvana tee, my golden/silver curb chain necklace and my favorite Docs on. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Inspiration: Black is beautiful.

Shopping Tips:

1. Long cardigan: H&M || 2. Mesh longsleeve crop top: Zara  || 3. Studded leather jacket with faux fur collar: Forever 21 || 4. Leather skirt: Mango 

The weather is cold and gloomy and foggy mornings and evenings are usual for this season - somehow I also tend to wear more black clothes in winter and totally go for the black on black combination. My love for black will never stop. It's simply timeless, classy and can express Rock 'n' Roll. To be honest I never wear outfits without any black piece. There's nothing better than black leather, mesh or lace. Or maybe there's something better: Layering clothes with different grey/black shades - what's your favorite black piece of clothing?

(Source: All pictures found on Tumblr except the last one: It's from one of my outfit posts in November 2012)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Keep the party alive.

Sequin party jacket: Vintage || "Go To Hell For Heaven's Sake" Top: eBay || Suspender leggings: ASOS || Boots: Dr. Martens (1460) || Necklace: Zara

You can never go wrong with wearing black, it always looks good. I finally can show you one of my lovely christmas presents! Well, actually it was a present from me to me. It's a sequin vintage trophy jacket and I had been looking for that kind of jacket for ages. Then I discovered the "one of a kind" vintage section on and saw that jacket (and another one I got from my parents, you'll see it soon). I knew I had to get it, it's SO perfect. I can't wait to wear it more often in spring. It's a 2000 millenium jacket and it looks pretty glamorous, but in a good way and it's quite suitable for the daily life. In order to dress it down I combined it with a print shirt, my suspender leggings (perfect alternative to suspender tights - you can't rip them that easy haha) and my new Docs which I also got for Christmas. At first I was a bit afraid of getting blisters all over my feet after reading some reviews from people who broke them in. But fortunately it has never happened! My docs have never hurt my feet since the first time I wore them. I think it's all about wearing thicker socks. Now they became one of my two favorite boots and I can't stop wearing them haha. They look so good! 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Burgundy velvet collar dress: Romwe || Crystal pointed necklace: Vintage || Hat: H&M || Platform heels: eBay

This dress is definitely something you won't see every day on the streets and when I saw it on I knew it has to belong to my wardrobe. It's very edgy, 90s vintage looking and a bit goth chic, I love collared velvet dresses so much! I remember seeing them on Tumblr and I always wanted one, too haha. The dress got a beautiful burgundy color, it looks amazing and keeps you warm in winter. Unfortunately it's already sold out on, but there are some of the same model in blue still available. I thought about wearing it together with my favorite Docs, but in the end I choose my platform heels which make the outfit look a bit more dramatic and modern.
Somehow I feel like a disney character while wearing that dress, I don't know why. I love the old disney movies so much and Walt Disney was an amazing man! He was truly inspiring, that's why I chose the headline "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. ". It's a very important quote to me and due to the new year 2014 I want to hold on to that special quote. I want to believe in my dreams no matter what and I want to do everything in order to realize them. In the end it's your hopes and dreams which are keeping you alive and helping you to move forward.