Friday, March 29, 2013

Live loud, live free and care less without being careless.

Fringe jacket & top: H&M
Jewelry: Urban Outfitters and H&M
Shoes: Ash Dean Boots

As I already mentioned in my last outfit post I'm going to post many festival inspired outfits and here's one of them! It's a typical Tessa outfit, it's a mixture of grunge, rocker and bohemian style. I just had to get these beautiful stunning "Thrash Fest Shorts" from BamBam Clothing. I already posted the Peacock shorts which are from the same label a couple of weeks before. I really love the pieces from their shorts collection! The feather print is so beautiful and reminds me of summer, freedom and eagles. (I'm a huge fan of eagles, awww. ) The shorts also have an amazing cut, actually the front length is super short. Perfect for summer and very sexy! You can get the BamBam collection on Zalando. The fringe faux leather jacket is one of my favorite jackets and the top is actually from the H&M men "divided grey" collection. I think those tops look great on women, too. The arm holes are cut wide open which look great together with a cute bra or bandeau top  in summer. While talking about summer, I begin to hate german weather even more than I already did before. I mean 3°C in spring?? I could cry. I can't stand wearing my parka anymore, seriously. Well, let's keep the fingers crossed - maybe it's getting hot soon. And I don't have to freeze anymore while taking photos. Hooooopefully! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wild Child.

Shirt: Romwe
Jewelry: presents from Mum, Fashionology, Vintage
Leggings: Topshop

Well at least I can wear my festival inspired outfits to act like it would be spring weather outside haha. 
I'm crushing on navajo prints and when it comes to that leggings it's perfection to me. The washed details minimize the intensity, I love it. The washed spike shirt fit perfectly and it's quite cozy. I got it 3 months ago now I finally found a great way to wear it! The next outfits are mostly going to be very Roadtrip inspired. I got so many great clothes lately I really can't wait to post them!
Because I have more time, I'm going to post some inspiration I've collected the last weeks - my summer mood has to be spreaded! :D
My holidays started yesterday and next week I celebrate Easter with my family. How do you celebrate? I hope I won't have to search in the snow... Sometimes I just dream myself away to a summer festival with great music and great people. 
Btw: put some cool items on sale - have a look! 
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Friday, March 15, 2013

You are the sun, you are the only one.

"Death Moth" Top: Sovrin
Jacket: DIY
Tie dye leggings: H&M

Hell yeah I love this tank top from Sovrin apparel! This shop got some awesome tops w/ amazing prints - go and check 'em out. :) I really love that color, it's a dark wine red which I always love. It goes with everything especially grey/black/white. Of course I chose my favorite faux leather jacket which I studded on my own. It was hard work, but it totally was worth it! The tie dye leggings is a piece I had searched for ages and finally found at my local H&M store. I'm a big fan of wearing leggings, I don't like denim pants that much. Usually I think they never fit perfectly and aren't that comfy haha. Only one week left till my holidays (14 days) start - I can't wait! Even though I have to learn for several exams this week. xxx

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Peacock's fantasy.


Spike Bustier: Romwe
Mesh blouse: Vintage
Peacock distressed high waist shorts: BamBam via Zalando
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Finally I can wear my studded bustier, I love it together with shorts. These shorts are from and they are so beautiful and the quality feels amazing. These are typical festival shorts which I love. Studs, distressed and extraordinary details = so me. :D So you can imagine that I just had to have them. Zalando delivered VERY quickly, I already received them the next day. I ordered a second pair from BamBam (also distressed and beaaautiful) which I'm going to post the next days. I'm so obsessed with shorts lately, I think it's because summer is getting closer and closer haha. But the weather has been great the last days.
17 degrees, I am so freakin happy! Unfortunately spring will go as fast as it came, because next week it'll snow again. I enjoyed the sun so much and I had a lot fun this weekend. I visited one of my favorite cities Frankfurt (Main) on Saturday and today I'm gonna go to kind of a festival in my hometown. Enjoying the last warm day, argh. On Friday I'll be in Leipzig with my class, hopefully it's going to be exciting! 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Don't Hate Appreciate.

Army Jacket: Topshop
Skull top:
Lace tights: H&M
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Bracelets & Rings: Vintage

Hell yes! I had been waiting for posting this look the whole week. I finally got the "Don't Hate Appreciate" army jacket / parka which is going to be one of my most worn jackets in spring. I love the graffiti print and the whole grunge attitude. Army jackets go the best with platform boots in my opinion. I don't want to take it off. never haha. Here are some other inspirations, I think you can easily make a DIY and create such a jacket on your own.

 Source: Tumblr