Friday, April 26, 2013

Chasing Rainbows.

Fringe Kimono: River Island
Slipknot Top: Primark
Shorts: River Island
Tribal Jewelry: from Mum. <3 p="">
Strappy Boots: Zara

"Take me to the sun, I feel like chasing rainbows!" That's the chorus from the song "Chasing Rainbows" by the british metalcore band Bring Me The Horizon. This is my favorite summer outfit, I could wear it all the time. My favorite cream tassel kimono, it's definitely my biggest crush haha. The studded shorts go with EVERYTHING and they add a rock 'n' roll touch to every look. It's a typical bohemian look kind of rock festival inspired. I really do enjoy the beautiful weather, I can't describe how happy I am to wear all my favorite clothes. Kimonos remind me of the sea or long walks in nature. They express wanderlust and freedom. I just had to own these strappy boots from Zara. They also look great in combination with a red print like my Slipknot top. Maybe you already know the shoes from instagram, I posted them a couple of days ago. I can't stop wearing them, because they are edgy and typical western like. And they are definitely made for walking! :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Let the eagle fly, freedom in the night.

Fringe Kimono: Vintage
Harley Davidson Top: Vintage (from Beyond Retro)
Necklace: H&M
Destroyed denim shorts: Bershka

I am in love with fringe kimono jackets in summer. There's nothing better to wear when it's hot and the sun is shining. I hate getting a dark tan, because I'm pretty pale and I'm afraid of becoming a lobster haha. That's why I usually pick something to cover my shoulders and kimonos are the best jacket to choose - you can still feel the wind on your skin and it's very lightweight. I've got two kimonos, the other one I'm going to post the next weeks. :) The top is a cut off arm shirt from Beyond Retro and it's a harley davidson tee. I LOVE biker tops and I love Harley Davidson - it's also a extraordinary print because of the croco. The shorts will definitely be one of my most worn shorts this summer - shredded / destroyed cut offs are so cool.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Free Spirits.

Blouse: Romwe
Shorts: Vintage
Necklace: H&M
Eagle Cuff: Alushia Sanchia
Boots: Ash

I love the print of the blouse, it's rocker and boho in one piece. And it's a typical summer print which I really love. I'm pretty much into skull prints (especially when it's a scarf), but this print is more unusual and a cute eyecatcher. The blouse is also perfect for hot summer days, because it's a thinner fabric. I'm sure you still can get it on! :)
The weekend has been great. Saturday was definitely the best day ever. 14 - 20°C and I met a very special person. I've been constantly thinking of the beautiful moments. And the sun is shining which makes me feel like being in heaven haha. I'm sorry, I'm just very very happy haha.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Holidays are over! / + Romwe coupon

Everyone knows it - Sunday, the last day of holidays and the amazing feeling of reluctance of going to work or school the next day. Well here it is. I don't know why, but holidays seem to pass so fast, it's very weird. But my free days were great, I celebrated Easter with my parents and my granny and went shopping with Mum. Frankly I didn't have to do that much for school, the important exams won't be until the end of May.
The weather has been pretty cold and it wasn't fun to be outside, but hopefully it'll be warmer over the next weeks. Next week on the weekend I'm going to visit my grandma near Cologne, because my grandpa died  and there'll be the funeral. But I'm really looking forward to meeting a friend, I've wanted to see for ages. I already planned shooting some new looks I'm going to post the next weeks. I've got many amazing new clothes, maybe you already saw some of them when you're following me on Instagram. :-)

Here are my personal highlights:

What I listened to... The whole new album "Sempiternal" by Bring Me The Horizon. On repeat! 
What I watched... 90210 & Pretty Little Liars & American Horror Story series (my favorites), Silent Hill, Germany's Next Topmodel and the german reality show "Shopping Queen" with my Mum. 
What I bought... So many new and cool stuff! I bought two presents for Mum, shredded highwaist shorts, Garter leggings, tribal jewelry, biker tops, edgy cowboy boots, the most awesome crocheted cream shirt EVER from the F21 campaign I adore etc. You'll see every piece! :D

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Road Trippin'.

Fringe Suede Jacket: Spell Designs
Eagle Top: Rebel Republic / Topshop
Leggings: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Zara
Other Jewelry: I got it from my lovely Mum, who bought it years ago.

I was so happy when I got this beautiful jacket from my parents on Easter. It's great to wear and it reminds me of festivals, road trips and freedom. I LOVE fringe details and I love wearing fringe / tassel jackets. It's very light and perfect for spring/summer temperature. I got this eagle top from a vintage online shop. It's a typical biker top and those prints are always cool and edgy! And I'm sooo thankful that my mother  gave me these beautiful turquoise bracelets. Some of them are orginal handmade native american bracelets and rings! I love that kind of jewelry. One day when I'm in the US I'm going to buy a whole truck full of tribal jewelry! :D