Saturday, July 21, 2012

Give me something real, that I can hold on to.

And I dive into your soul, when I look in to your eyes I get lost again and again Emotions drowning me, in a deep and endless sea I'll search for you, until the very end

Give me something real, that I can hold on to When my world started caving in, I'll give you all of my heart You're my dearest friend, and my love I will defend

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Look at the stars, they shine for you.

I love my galaxy skirt so much. :)

My life through instagram - June/July

I've been using instagram for 6 months now and I try to post daily some of my impressions at home or when I'm outside. I know, that not everybody has an instagram account, so here are some of my highlights:
6th picture: I love Fitzeks books!
7th picture: The jewelry I got last week - I was so happy haha
10th picture: One of my new favorite songs: Unforgiven (Acoustic) by BOTDF
11th picture: I love tribal clothing and feathers. 
I post many fashion pictures, I guess.:) But you can also see my bird, the books I really love and read at the moment and so on. You can find me on instagram as @tessadiamondly ! If you like my pictures feel free to follow me! :) For everyone, who doesn't have an instagram App I keep on posting some of my photos every month here on my blog. xxx

Monday, July 16, 2012

Nothing lasts forever

I love floral crowns so much. Especially in summer I couldn't be without. The rose crown I wear is a DIY, it wasn't that easy to find the flowers in the color I wanted them - but I finally found them. Hope you like my look! And I really have to post more entries about my life, my daily routine etc. All coming soon! :)