Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lover lover, run run for cover.

 Coat: H&M || ACDC crop shirt: Forever 21 || Plaid tartan skirt: Romwe || Studded boots: Zara

Here you can see one of my warmer coats for this winter - I love this tweed boyfriend blazer style coat so much. I already wore it a thousand times, because it's getting really cold and its material keeps me warm enough. Oh and look at my plaid skirt! I love its color combination, it's a more unusual one. I got that ACDC cropped shirt when I was in Munich and went to the new opened Forever 21 for the first time and damn, that store is SO big! There were clothes on 4 giant floors and you couldn't decide where and what you should look at. Then there was this little corner where all single pieces were thrown on some clothes rails and it remembered me on a vintage store haha. There I found that cropped shirt and you all know how much I love band shirts. :D
I was struck down with flu in the middle of the week which wasn't that convenient, because I had so many tests in school - but somehow I could manage to revise them anyway and now I'm enjoying the weekend. I'm going to visit some christmas markets (you know the Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg?) and finally watch Disney's "Frozen". Olaf the snowman is such a cutie-pie haha. Hugs and happy cold, cozy and snugly days everyone! xx 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Mind's Eye.

Parka jacket: Topshop || Plaid shirt: H&M || Shirt: Truly Madly Deeply || Velvet skirt: Urban Outfitters || Boots: Ash 

Basically this look includes all my basic favorites and is one of my comfiest ones. A burgundy velvet skirt I bought on sale at Urban Outfitters one year ago which is probably one of my most worn pieces ever, because it fits to everything and adds that 90s feeling. I'm also a huge fan when it comes to the colors burgundy and army green, these two together is the best color combo, isn't it? While wearing my "La Lune Le Soleil" tee by Truly Madly Deeply I always fell in love with its print all over again and again. Truly Madly Deeply got the coolest print tees ever, they fit to so many styles and are edgy. I think that's why I already got a pretty huge collection of their tees and tanks haha. I'm afraid you only can get their tees at Urban Outfitters in store or online. They are my favorites besides my band shirts and biker tees, I'm kinda picky when buying print shirts haha. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lake Of Fire.

"Dior" roses sweater: Romwe || necklace: Zara || Studded Shorts: River Island || Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

This is probably the girliest sweater I've ever owned, but to be honest: It was love at first sight. In order not to make the outfit look too girly, I put my favorite studded shorts on and wore it together with my spikey necklace and spiked litas.  The sweater has got this amazing print, the roses look so real! It's a colorful sweater, but it does not look cheap as some others actually do. It's oversized and so soft on the inside. Very cozy. :-) I'm really happy to wear it while I'm sitting in cold class rooms at school. Unfortunately some rooms aren't really that much heated... I'm really looking forward to Christmas holidays, the next 5 weeks are so stressful and I don't want to see any maths formulas, presentations and test papers anymore. I'm just so happy when it'll be over! 

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Friday, November 15, 2013

You can run, but you'll never escape.

Plaid flannel shirt: Zara || Biker top: Vintage || Tied leather leggings: Romwe || shoes: Choies || Necklace: New Look via ASOS

I took these pictures a week ago when the weather wasn't that cold and the trees were still green - now they lost all the leaves baaah. It's a more casual Rock 'n' Roll look, but I can't describe how much I enjoy wearing this flannel shirt! It has also a lining and it definitely keeps you warm! In winter it's perfect for layering and wearing it under a leather jacket. My tied leggings are from the MashaheartsLina collection on and they are so cool! Leather look leggings are usually nothing special anymore, but these bad boys are definitely edgy and extraordinary. They express pure Rock 'n' Roll in my opinion. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

All Apologies.

Flannel shirt: Vintage at Brandy Melville || Nirvana shirt: H&M (old) || Leather skirt with buckles: Mango || Necklace: Zara || "Darcie" boots: Doc Martens

This is the perfect outfit for the golden and warm autumn days. I wore that combo many times during october when it was sunny and the temperature was like 15°C. Now I can wear it underneath a warm coat or leather jacket, I guess. I bought that vintage flannel shirt at Brandy Melville when I was in Munich, because this color combo immediately caught my eye. It's soft, oversized and so comfortable! I remember seeing a picture with Kurt Cobain wearing a similar flannel on it. Maybe this inspired me to wear my Nirvana band tee haha. The leather skirt has become one of my favorite basic pieces, I love those buckles so much! It's very rock chic and goes with everything. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Give every day the chance to be the best day of your life.

Floral chiffon jacket: Bershka || Skull blouse: AX Paris (old) || Embroidered Zip Detail Skirt: Fashion Union || Necklace: Zara || Platform heels: Divided grey (H&M)

It was such a rainy and cold day when I took these pictures and I was so glad about the raining pause in the morning. When I got this amazing zip detailed skirt from Fashion Union I immediately thought of a chicer combo which is still edgy. So I grabbed my floral chiffon bomber jacket and my sleeveless skull blouse and here's the result. Doing pattern mixtures is definitely not a guarantee for a "mix&match" success, but for me flowers and skulls harmonize in a good way. Furthermore the faux leather skirt is to die for! It's stretchy and very tight fitting without being uncomfortable. I love its individual design and color. My Mum also totally fell in love with it. ;D 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

My 15 Basics/Must-Haves

Some of you already requested a list for my "15 Basics/Must-Haves" on, so I didn't hesitate to search for 15 basic pieces through the whole internet. These following 15 pieces are my personal signature styles and must-haves, because you will never regret having bought them! They are definitely no trend pieces, you can wear and combine them with so many other clothes, they are pretty comfortable and can be worn for almost every occasion.
  1. Fringed embroidered kimono (River Island): Perfect for summer days. A kimono always looks great combined with denim shorts and a cropped shirt. Getting ready for the festival season! 
  2. Destroyed high waist denim shorts (Romwe): in blue, grey or black and different details like studs or effects. They make your but look sexy and add a grunge/rock touch to your outfit. 
  3. Floral dress (Zara): It makes you look very feminine and is a perfect contrast to leather jackets and studs.
  4. Black skater skirt (H&M): Perfect for endless looking legs, goes with everything because of its short cut und black color.
  5. Chunky oversized cardigan (Zara): Laid back, very comfortable and perfect for layering. 
  6. Plaid flannel shirt (Pull&Bear): Super soft and warm, gives you that "Kurt Cobain" feeling and is also perfect for layering.
  7. Oversized denim jacket (Choies): Grunge every look up, 90s feeling and it's so comfortable. Simply a cool edge. 
  8. Fishnet tights (H&M): It doesn't matter if there are floral details, dots or any other prints, they look great on thin legs! Those are also very sexy, a bit goth and look great with biker boots.
  9. Statement spike collar (Zara): Those necklaces always make you look glamourous, edgy and cool. 
  10. Studded biker boots (Saint Laurent): Must-Have Number 1! Shoes are sometimes the most important part of your whole look and these guys rock!
  11. Classic biker jacket (Romwe): Never gets old, always looks cool and express Rock 'n' Roll.
  12. Bandshirt (Pull&Bear): Cool band logos make your outfit look individual. Important: only wear shirts from bands you really like! 
  13. Edgy version of the "little black dress" (Romwe): A usual black dress is boring, but a short black dress should be in every girl's wardrobe - different designs, edgy details or material mixes make it unique!
  14. Khaki oversized parka jacket (Topshop): Perfect for layering, grungy outfits. Also you can wear it in spring or fall.
  15. Round lennon sunglasses (ZeroUV): I didn't wear any other ones. I love round sunnies, you can be a happy hippie or a grunge babe with these kind of sunglasses.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Come As You Are.

Long cardigan: Zara • Tartan dress: Zara • Necklaces: New Look via ASOS • Fishnets: H&M • Rings: H&M and vintage • shoes: choies
I already worn this combo many times the last weeks, because it's so comfy and warm. You can see tartan prints in almost every store now, but this dress is amazing and different to the others. There's a button border which can be opened and it's made of chiffon. I also wanted to get a long, cozy cardigan for the upcoming winter days and when I found this dark grey, oversized and chunky knit I knew this would be the perfect cardigan for me. It looks great with short dresses, so my plans for wearing dresses in winter are possibly saved now. :-) I didn't want to get an tight fitting, usual and shorter cardigan, I love chunky coats and jackets way too much for this season - that's why I'd rather go for tight leggings, pants or dresses. Those knits embrace you, I looove it. Oh and I almost forget to present you my new amazing collar! It's so cool, I love those layered necklaces so much. I already saw Effy Stonem (Skins UK Season 3) wearing those kinds of necklaces and I always got jealous haha. Now I finally found a collar which got this grungy attitude. It goes with everything, especially dresses or long sleeved tops and flannel shirts. So be prepared to see it way more often on me. :D

.... And what's also new? I'm sure some of you already noticed my new layout, I wanted something more clearer and ordered. Furthermore, my blog got new pages like the "About Me" page or "My Partners" page. What do you think of it?
To tell you something about what's going on in my life right now: Unfortunately the stressful part of school starts again, the next weeks are full of tests. But I still want to be more active on instagram, want to post a weekly "Sunday report" including my week review and inspirations. :-)

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