Friday, January 30, 2015

Outfit: Turn Down For What.

Leather jacket & plaid shirt: Zara || Tee: Urban Outfitters || Washed skinny jeans: Bershka || Boots: Airstep || Necklaces: Spell Designs & vanessa mooney

Here's my favorite combo for less cold winter days: Leather jacket + plaid flannel + destroyed skinny jeans (or leggings..). I already have those jeans for around 2-3 years now, they're still one of my favorite pairs. The wash and color is definitely something you won't see every day, it's very punk inspired I would say. This is definitely one of my outfits for those "i don't give a fuck about anything" days - you can't go wrong with biker leather jackets and denim. It always looks great! 
Furthermore I chose some navajo jewelry for completing the outfit, I will never stop loving turquoise stones. 

Love xx

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Outfit: Blue Moon.

Boho blossom maxi kimono in lavender: Spell Designs || Nirvana top & necklace: Urban Outfitters || Shorts: Romwe || Boots: Vagabond 

Wearing a maxi kimono is the best way to add some festival vibes to your outfit. There's nothing more beautiful than a flowy, light kimono dancing in the wind when you're walking or when it's stormy. Even though it's winter here in Germany, I couldn't wait to post an outfit with my new maxi kimono. The lilac/blue colors are stunning and its floral prints are definitely an eye-catcher. Spell always have the most beautiful prints especially when it comes to the floral ones. It reminds me of those prints on old vintage indian gauze dresses which were very popular in the 70s. I'm also very happy that the kimono isn't too long for me, because I'm something between 5'3 and 5'4 and I'm also able to wear it with flats. I think maxi kimonos are a must have for SS15, especially because you can see hippy/festival inspired collections of popular retailers popping up this month. The possibilities for wearing a maxi kimono are endless, you can also wear it as a dress! You just have to wear it with a waist belt. Wearing a maxi with a vintage tee and denim cut offs is my favorite way, though. 

Love & peace. xx

Monday, January 26, 2015

Outfit: Fated, Faithful, Fatal.

Lace insert cami slip dress: StyleMoi || Collar faux fur coat: StyleMoi || Necklace: Dixi || Boots: Vagabond 

There's probably no winter outfit of mine which I love more than this one! A faux (!) fur coat is the best thing to wear when it's chilly outside and you want to snuggle down in something. It's always timeless, edgy and shaggy friends always add a boho vibe to your outfit. I always love faux fur in combination with silky slip tops or dresses, it looks sexy and edgy at the same time. This cute slip dress I received from StyleMoi (the coat is also from them!) is perfect, because it doesn't look too much like lingerie. I can't wait to wear this with my kimonos and dusters in summer, it's stunning and fits like a glove! The outfit is definitely more dressy and perfect for winter nights out. Aww now when thinking of this I would love to head to the next rock or electronic live show immediately, I haven't done this for way too long time. 

Maybe some of you already noticed I usually use lyrics for my post title (yeah I'm a music addict.. Music is my life besides fashion of course), do you know those ones from this title? Those are from a song called "The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles" by Marilyn Manson from his latest album which was released a couple of days ago. I've been into rock music since I was a 5 years old girl to be honest. Over the years my taste has got more versatile of course, but 50% of the music I'm listening to can be classified as rock music. Manson is probably one of my all time favorite artists out there, his new album is probably his best one yet! I really can't stop listening to that song and "Deep Six" which is even more  mind blowing! 

Wish you all a beautiful week! Love xx

Friday, January 23, 2015

Outfit: Far From Never.

Desert rose kimono: Spell Designs || Tee: Urban Outfitters || Necklaces: Vintage & vanessa mooney || destroyed jeans: H&M || Boots: Gamloong

You all know I usually wear my kimonos with some denim cut offs or dresses, here I choose a different way - wearing it together with some distressed skinny jeans! I don't own many jeans, because I'd rather go for shorts and tights or leggings when it's colder. But my 5 pair of jeans have one thing in common - they're all destroyed! I love holes in denim, it makes the whole outfit more laid-back and Rock 'n' Roll looking. These are definitely my favorite jeans ever, I wear them quite often (maybe you know them already from an outfit post a couple of months ago)! I'm also wearing my beautiful Spell kimono I got for christmas. Its soft blush colors, floral prints and golden threads are perfection and so vintage 70s looking. I think it looks great with a grey printed tee. 

Ahhh I'm already so excited for Spell's new collection dropping in February! I know I'm definitely getting 3-4 pieces (frankly my birthday is in that month haha). I'm seriously obsessed with all their designs, especially their prints or crochet items include so many beautiful details! Their playsuits and kimonos are my weakness! 

Love xx 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Outfit: Excuse me while I kiss the sky.

Fringed and beaded hendrix leather jacket: Spell Designs (also available at Free People) || Harley Davidson tee: Vintage || Shorts: Missguided (old) || Boots: Vagabond

What a long time I had to wait until I' finally hold this perfect jacket in my hands! It's similar to the one Jimi Hendrix was wearing at Woodstock in 1969 - the legendary white fringed leather jacket with blue and white beads. White leather jackets are very rare to find, but Spell nailed it again when they designed this beauty. I first saw a sneak-peak of a sample they posted on instagram almost one year ago and it was love at first sight - I'm so happy to have it now and can't wait to wear it all spring/summer/fall long! It's probably the most expensive clothing piece I own besides my embroidered leather jacket, but it was a christmas present to me from my parents (just right in time :b). It's hard to find fringe jackets which aren't too heavy or too oversized, because they're usually only available at vintage stores. Spell Designs will always be my favorite brand when it comes to clothing, I remember my first item I purchased from them - it was my tanned suede fringed leather jacket almost 3 years ago. Leather jackets last a lifetime, you will never regret having them in your wardrobe, so it's a pretty good investment. The combination possibilities are endless, they go with everything and can be layered with everything! Dresses, jeans, shorts, maxi skirts, tees, crop tops, flannel shirts… Dream! xx