Thursday, September 28, 2017

Outfit: Affection.

Plaid studded shirt jacket: Free People || Van Halen shirt: Forever 21 || Western boots: Gamloong

When it comes to autumn wardrobe flannels mustn't be missing, that's for sure - especially this kind of flannel. I already got this beauty in a different colorway, but I liked it that much that I decided to buy the other one aswell. It's a flannel shirt jacket and really keeps you warm during the colder days. It's sooo soft aswell and I like its washed and vintage look.
I went for a white band shirt, some denim cut offs and western boots in order to complete the look.

Love x

Monday, September 25, 2017

Outfit: Nothing will drive them away.

Embroidered dress: Romwe || Gypsy Rocker boots: Spell Designs

Colorful embroidery on a black fabric is always a good idea - I really dig this gorgeous dress I received from Romwe a while ago. Such a cute little dress and thankfully the weather here in Germany makes it possible again to wear that kind of outfits again. The golden autumn arrived and the weather definitely shows itself from its best side.

Love x

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Outfit: Justice for all.

Metallica tee: borrowed from boyfriend || Embroidered shorts: Romwe || Fishnet tights: H&M 

One of my favorite autumn looks is this one, it's a grungy comfortable combo. I borrowed my boyfriend's Metallica tee and combined it with my embroidered denim shorts I received from Romwe the other day. What I really like about them is that they aren't that tight fitting, more like Mum jeans. I'm really starting to enjoy wearing mum/boyfriend jeans or denim cut offs, they are so comfortable. Usually I go for the skin tight fit when it comes to pants, but those look very relaxed and laid back. I combined them with some fishnet tights, platform boots and messy hair. I'm really happy and satisfied with my hair lately - it got curlier and more midi length which is my favorite.

Love & hugs x

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Outfit: Even Flow.

Fringe tapestry leather jacket: Vintage via ASOS Marketplace || Lace Up shorts: Somedays Lovin || Iron Maiden top: H&M

Here I'm wearing the most beautiful vintage find of mine: This fucking perfect leather jacket! It got a beautiful oversized fit, tapestry jaquard inserts and a lot of fringing which I love. On top of that it's made of a very comfortable soft tan leather, it's definitely a jacket I wear most of the time these days.
I combined it with some highwaisted denim shorts and western boots. A jacket that will never leave my wardrobe, that's for sure. 

Love xx

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Outfit: D'yer mak'er.

Faux fur kimono " Wisteria Sunday Rose Robe Top": Rahi Cali via ASOS || Led Zeppelin tee: Old || Buttoned shorts: One Teaspoon || Gypsy Rocker boots: Spell Designs

One of my favorite summer looks, unfortunately it's now too cold for wearing it... Summer officially said goodbye here in Germany and autumn really is here. It was a short, but warm summer so I can't complain - a summer full of change for me, too. I'm wearing this amazing vintage inspired floral kimono with faux fur trim (isn't it perfect?) and combined it with a Led Zeppelin cropped top and some white buttoned denim shorts. To add some Rock 'n' Roll I went for my cowboy boots with studs and chains.

Love x

Monday, September 11, 2017

Outfit: Forever Failure.

Crochet dress: Zara || Concho belt and navajo jewelry: Vintage (find similar on eBay} || Platform boots: Vagabond

This dress was love at first sight, it's such a perfect midi dress. It got 70s vibes all over and got a beautiful color combo - I really like the red together with pink and white. Sometimes Zara really nails it when it comes to vintage inspired clothing, especially this dress looks like straight from the other decade. 

Love x