Monday, January 30, 2017

Outfit: Caravan of dreams.

Boho printed dress: Raga LA via ASOS || Concho belt: Vintage via eBay || Platform boots: Vagabond

This dress makes me wish it would be summer so much - it's such a beautiful 70s inspired indian dress! I got it on sale and it's from the californian brand "Raga". I really like its burgundy/brown colors and elephants for the print. On the day I took the photos it was really windy and snowing, so you can imagine I wear a thick faux fur suede coat above dresses at the moment. 
Have a great day! 
Love x

Friday, January 27, 2017

Outfit: Sweet Jane.

Faux fur coat, acid wash skinny jeans and Rolling Stones shirt: Zara || Gypsy Rocker Boots: Spell Designs || Concho belt: Vintage

It kinda seems like I would wear the whole Zara store here - but they got some really cool clothes last winter season. The jeans and the furry friend were on sale and you all know how much I love faux fur (Real fur is a no-go for me)! This look should become all Rock 'n' Roll, so I combined the items with my Rolling Stones shirt, some concho belts, western boots and navajo jewelry. I'm not the biggest fan of wearing jeans, but sometimes I like wearing looks like these - especially when it's so cold like how it was when I took the photos. :-)

Love x

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Outfit: The stars in the sky, the moon and the tide. Your smile in the night, when I sing you a lullaby.

Faux fur suede afghan coat: Secondhand shop || Southwestern embroidered dress: ASOS || Platform boots: Vagabond

This beautiful coat was such a bargain in the local secondhand shop - and you all know me, suede faux fur coats in afghan style are one of my favorite kinds! For this look I went for a more western look style, so I combined it with lots of navajo jewelry and my southwestern embroidered dress (some of you may already know this one from a previous post last year). Wearing coats with dresses somehow has become a habit for me this winter, I really like it.

Peace x

Monday, January 23, 2017

Outfit: Square Hammer.

Velvet shirt dress: Glamorous via ASOS || Concho belt: Vintage via eBay || Platform boots: Vagabond 

That icy blue velvet dress was actually love at first sight - I found this beauty when I scrolled down the ASOS dress section, but at this time it was unfortunately all sold out. A few days later I thankfully got my hands on one of the last ones in my size when they restocked it. You all know me and my love for velvet fabrics, especially when it comes to dresses and jackets. So this one didn't have to miss in my collection. It's so comfy too and can be worn casual or dressy at a night out. Here I combined it with my favorite concho belt, some navajo jewelry and my beloved platform boots I actually wear constantly.

Hope you have a good new week! Peace x

Friday, January 20, 2017

Outfit: Snow crystal.

Sequin dress: Romwe || Double buckle belt: ASOS || Platform boots: Vagabond

Yep it was very cold and yep I also froze a lot while taking these photos, but I think it was worth it - that beautiful sequin dress is a perfect party dress! There was snow everywhere and it made the sequins sparkle even more. When it comes to deep V-necks I usually go for a balconette bra in bustier style, so you can make sure it's all at their save place and you don't show too much. I combined it with some platform boots, my double buckle western belt and navajo jewelry. 

Love x