Friday, May 30, 2014

Outfit: You gotta get out. Go far away.

Fringed leather jacket: Topshop x Kate Moss (or Nordstorm and here) || Harley Davidson tee: Vintage via Urban Outfitters (similar on eBay) || Squash Blossom Navajo Necklace: Vintage from Mum (similar on eBay) Distressed grey shorts: Pimkie || Boots: Ash

I'm sure everyone has a typical "signature look" which combo you wear very often and feel totally comfortable with. That is my signature look for the colder days. Everytime I go to town or when I'm on the road I grab one of my leather jackets, a band- or biker tee, my favorite jewelry, cut-offs + tights and my beloved biker boots by ASH (I wear them at least four times in the week haha). This leather jacket is probably the most expensive one I own, but as I already mentioned in one of my previous posts the Kate Moss collaboration with Topshop has totally got me and this babe was the second piece I simply needed to have. It's so edgy and it will last for a lifetime or at least I hope so. It's actually a re-creation of a "gig jacket" which was worn and loved by Kate herself during concerts she visited, so it is probably one of her favorites in her wardrobe, too. The jacket is perfect for colder summer days, because you don't sweat in it and its material is so soft. My harley davidson shirts are probably not new to you, I already wore many of them in my outfit posts, so you can imagine that  I actually collect them haha. The other day when I visited eBay I found some cool tees with amazing prints, too. You need a bit luck to find cool prints, it's always the same when it comes to vintage shopping (I'm still searching for a beautiful vintage tooled, dark tan 70s bag… grr I can't find the one I imagine at this time!). And yes, I'm wearing a lot of navajo jewelry, it's my favorite one. The squash blossom necklace belonged to my Mum, she bought it from some native americans when she was in the US - she know how much I love their artwork, so she gifted it to me.  One day when I manage to be in the US, I will definitely buy jewelry haha. The bracelets are vintage, too btw! I found this stunning silver cuff with hamsa hands, dome shaped details and camels when I went to the local flea market three weeks ago. Even if I usually come home without any shopping success, this time there was an awesome jewelry seller where I finally found it. So you really must have a bit of luck when searching for secondhand - or vintage pieces. :-)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Outfit: Forget yesterday, it has already forgotten you.

Floral tassel kimono: OASAP || Tie dye shirt: Romwe || Necklace: Zara || Fringed platform heels: Romwe

Probably the most colorful look I've ever worn - the flowers on the kimono got the same colors as the tie dye top I wear underneath, that's why I thought they look pretty good together. The top is actually quite long, so it can be easily used as a dress, too! The whole outfit is a real bargain, the kimono, the tee and the fringed platform heels aren't that expensive, but look great and also the quality is surprisingly very good! Tie dye prints always add a beachy vibe to every outfit and somehow the californian surfer culture immediately come to my mind when I see tie dye prints -it's quite funny everyone associate different things when they see different styles, right? I'm quite into pastel dyed clothing! The flowy kimono is a bit more asian inspired and has a nice length without being too short, so it also looks great with some shorts or maybe even a tight fitting mini skirt or maxi skirt. Talking about the heels - I know there are many people who don't like platforms at all, well I love them. These ones are really cute-looking and their design is great for summer. I usually avoid wearing sandals, because somehow they look weird on me and it's hard for me to walk in super flat boots without any heels, so these ones are quite comfortable! I have to admit that I prefer my beloved biker boots instead when I have to be on my feet the whole day, though haha.  ;-D

Monday, May 26, 2014

Outfit: Last Day On Earth.

Paisley kimono blouse: Kate Moss for Topshop || Crochet trim bralet: Urban Outfitters || Shorts: Romwe || Boots: Dr. Martens

Have you already heard of the Topshop x Kate Moss Collaboration 2014 and its collection launched one month ago?  I decided to get three pieces (I will show you the other two babies soon), even though they are pretty expensive, it's perfectly edgy, cool and they will probably go every time. The collection is very 70s inspired and has some roots in typical hippie fashion and glam rock. I really love it! The cut of the kimono is so nice, I love the "fringy" looking ends and it can be dressed grungy or boho at the same time.  Here I decided to dress it grungier, so I grabbed my bralet (it goes with everything and finally it is hot enough!), my lace shorts and the most comfortable boots ever - 1460 docs. I already wore the cover up several times, it looks great with band/biker tees with cut off arms, t-shirts look a bit weird because its material is quite sheer. It is also a cute layering piece beneath leather or denim jackets when it's colder!
Tomorrow I have my last oral exam of my finals! On Friday I will get the results, I hope it worked out for me haha. Be prepared I will post tons of new looks (I shot all last weekend) this week, I will start to show you some parts of my wardrobe, an instagram update post and hopefully manage to post almost daily for you! Now I would like to know from you WHAT kind of post do you wish? What are you interested in, please let me know. Any suggestions or things you would like me to show you, to talk about or present you? You all know I actually live in Germany and I have many german readers, too - would you like me to write in english including a german translation in the end? 
Just comment below, I'm looking forward reading your wishes and ideas! xo

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Awaiting sunset.

Desert Wanderer Dress in sunset: Spell Designs || Navajo bracelet: vintage || Concho Hat: Forever 21 

30°C in Germany, finally!! I love the hot weather so much, I know there are some people who are quite suffering because of the heat, but I'm definitely doing the opposite. I love the heat, especially when it's cloudy and the sun doesn't burn that much. I'm wearing probably the most flattering and comfortable dress by my all time favorite brand "Spell & The Gypsy Collective". I love their clothes so much, I know they are quite expensive, but they are worth every penny. The quality is amazing, their designs never get old and to me it's the best brand when it comes to boho chic. I already showed you some pictures of  their latest lookbook in my previous post and I will probably get some of their items again even though that means saving money. I also have this dress in the blush-pink-cream print "High noon"   (you can see it here, but after seeing the red one on Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella '14 I had to get this baby in red, too haha. Spell's collections never disappoint and they all have that dreamy, beautiful designs. 
Hope you all have such a beautiful weather where you live, too! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Inspiration: Spell & The Gypsy's new lookbook

Spell Designs nailed it again: Probably "White Dunes, Gypsy Hues" is the most beautiful lookbook of the year and I love every single piece from their new collection! I can't wait until all those beauties will drop online, I already pre-ordered the floral skirt and the biker tee. I picked some of my favorite pictures of the shoot, hope you like it as much as I do and get inspired. (See the full lookbook on their website here)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Darkside of the moon.

Crochet bell sleeved romper: Forever 21 || Drifter Necklace: Vanessa Mooney || Rings: Vintage || Concho hat: Forever 21 || Western boots: Zara (last summer '13)

This look is probably going to be my favorite summer outfit in 2014 - it's a dark boho/western style and I still can't get over the fact that this lovely romper only costed 21€! Forever 21 has such cool expensive looking pieces for little money sometimes. So it was really a bargain! I love bell sleeves so much especially in summer and its crochet details make it perfect. I bought the concho hat (I wanted one for ages) when I was in Munich last winter, I always enjoy being at the huge Forever 21 flagship store. My long necklace is actually a lucky charm for my final exams I got from my parents. Fortunately it really does bring me luck, even though I haven't received the results of my written tests, I have quite a good feeling about it. Still two oral exams are ahead of me on the next following Tuesdays (in arts and geography) and I hope I won't be too nervous! I'm counting the days and can't wait for the tests to be over. It's not only learning what is stressful it's more the permanent feeling of tension. After that I have some big plans like posting more, showing you some impressions of my wardrobe/my clothing and jewelry collection and I want to spend more of my time on photography for my blog. I plan to shoot some boho looks in the woods in summer and write more about my inspiration and myself. My biggest dream is designing a whole collection one day that would be probably the best thing that ever could happen to me. ;-D