Sunday, June 30, 2013

Do you remember?

Kimono: Freak Of Nature via Topshop
Crochet top: Forever 21
Necklace: H&M trend
American flag shorts: Primark
Navajo bracelets: Vintage
Boots: Ash

When I saw the Kimono with its lace details and the with roses crowned buffalo I just had to order it. I love collecting Kimonos, because I'm constantly wearing them in summer (the replacement for leather jackets, they are wayyy too warm haha). And that design! It's so me, it's boho and western in one. The crochet top is from the Forever 21 "Spring Daze" campaign with Chloe Norgaard - I bought the shirt a couple of months ago. The shorts were a true bargain - only 13€ at Primark! They look like the ones from Topshop which I had had an eye on for ages. Hope you like my look! :)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Desert Rose.

Lace cardigan: H&M
Hat: Pimkie
Studded faux leather vest: Zara
"Wild Spirit" top: Brandy Melville
Belt: Primark
Bandana High-low Skirt: Forever 21

I've worn this look a several times yet and I love that pattern of the skirt so much. I usually don't like wearing Midi skirts, but high-low skirts are perfect for me. Forever 22 has become one of my favorite online shops lately, I love the sping/summer collection so much. I got this beautiful top at Brandy Melville in Munich a couple of weeks ago. I've been thinking about getting a feather tattoo just like the print on my top, maybe it'll happen soon! :-) 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pastel Flowergarden.

Flower headband / Flower crown: Bershka
Cropped blouse with crosses: Romwe
Belt: H&M
Studded green shorts: Tally Weijl
Bracelets: H&M
Woven Chain Bracelet: DIY

Finally I posted this look! It had been in my head for weeks. A friend of mine told me I'd look like Lana Del Rey in these pictures. Idk, maybe because of the flower crown? haha, anyway flower headbands are the most perfect accessory. It's a fresh summer look and I love the colors together with the white cross blouse and golden jewelry. The material of the blouse is amazing for summer. It's chiffon and very very light. Studded, colorful dyed shorts are my favorite type of it and I love these ones from Tally Weijl. I also got the pink ones which I already posted a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't be without shorts in summer. This look is definitely perfect for next week's weather - 34°C and more, but unfortunately I can't really enjoy it, because I'll be in school until late afternoon - grr. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

I appear missing.

"We all gotta live before we die" Shirt: Deadendpoet
Camouflage shorts:
Flower crown: Primark
Boots: Ash

FINALLY hot weather! It's time for  shorts, cut off arm shirts and shorts. I was so happy when I got the package from "Deadendpoet" it's a new scandinavian label and they got amazing designs! Camo pattern has been a trend since fall '12, but in summer I love wearing the pattern as shorts. Oh and flower crowns! My obsession. I got this one from Primark UK, the german stores haven't sold them. And last but not least: My favorite boots, the "Ash Dean" boots. I LOVE them. I constantly wear them.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Every flower must grow through dirt.

Ethnic print jacket: Bershka
Guns 'n' Roses Top: H&M
Studded Shorts: River Island
Lita Spike boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Jewelry: Topshop, Forever21, Bijou Brigitte
Mirror round sunglasses: eBay

I wore that look last week when the weather had been better than it is now. I love the material of the jacket, it keeps you warm in summer and add the perfect boho touch to every outfit. I combined it with one of my favorite band tops and my studded denim shorts from River Island. Not to forget: My new mirrored round sunnies! I'm pretty much into round sunnies as you know and reflective ones go perfectly with jewelry or other details in silver. They are a bit darker than the ones I usually wear though which might be annoying when it's cloudy, but all in all they're awesome and perfect! 

I seriously begin to hate Germany for having such an awful weather these days. Freakin' cold and rain all the time. I just want to move haha. My holidays are over now and I have to go back to school tomorrow. 7,5 weeks more and I'm finally finished for 6 weeks until my last year in college starts. There are so many exams until July (twice per week actually!) and I'm so glad when it's over. Due to the weather I wasn't able to take that many pictures of looks I actually want to upload, but next week is going to be better and I finally shoot many new looks. I also ordered many new clothes online during my holidays which hopefully arrive soon. I'm so excited, I'm always like a child on Christmas when the packages arrive. I'm getting my first pair of Dr. Martens ("Darcie"). :-)