Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gods & Monsters.

Teddy faux sheepskin coat: H&M trend (sale!!) || "Keep it Surreal" top: Urban Outfitters || Ripped leggings: SammyDress 

There are no words for how much I was obsessing over that coat haha. Well, it was actually half price on sale at H&M, but none of my local H&M stores got it - so I decided to buy it online and there were only really large sizes which definitely would look awful on me because of the fact that it is already supposed to be oversized. While being totally frustrated (okay maybe disappointed haha) I found out that H&M restocks their sale articles in the very early morning and I mean early - 2 am! Crazy how I am I set the alarm and after two nights I finally got it in my size XS haha. I simply love that jacket, it's so cozy, soft and the color is amazing. Additionally it's also oversized and as you all know oversized jackets or coats are my key pieces in winter. In order to add some Rock 'n' Roll to it I teamed it up with my ripped leggings and favorite platform heels. AND: this one is probably my last winter look, finally! :-D

Friday, February 21, 2014

Fly me to the moon.

Pegasus crop shirt: Librastyle || Aviator shearling jacket: Romwe || Disco shorts: American Apparel || Platform wedges: H&M 

My 18th birthday is very soon (February 24th) and I'm already so excited. Then I'm officially an grown up, I guess haha. Well, to me it means nothing because I think you should never grow up. Never stop dreaming or being "young". But I'm already looking forward to show you my birthday presents - I'm going to get my favorite bag I've wanted for years. You'll see, it's the most beautiful bag ever! :b I really enjoy wearing that combo, I've searched for the perfect aviator jacket for quite a long time until I found this one on Romwe - it's amazing! I love the ACNE one, but it's too expensive for me, so this is the coolest alternative. I really love those standing lapels, they look SO cool haha and not forgetting the fact it keeps you pretty warm and cozy at the same time.  The cropped shirt from Librastyle is also a nice eye catcher and so cute. It doesn't look cheesy or childish at all, the pegasus triangle print and the bleached effect is beautiful. I love the combo of a heavy jacket + shorts, so I grabbed my new disco shorts which have become my favorites. I always enjoy wearing my disco pants as you already know and then I had this gift certificate (actually it was Mum's haha) and I just had to get them. I simply love the fabric!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sold My Soul For Rock&Roll.

Hamsa hand top: PrettySucks || Mesh longsleeve shirt: Romwe || Velvet sangre biker jacket: UNIF || Studded shorts: River Island (old) || Overknee socks: H&M

Let me introduce you to the most beautiful biker jacket EVER: the velvet sangre jacket by UNIF! It was a christmas present from my parents and you can imagine how happy I must had been. UNIF has always been a great inspiring brand to me and finally I got something by them haha. Velvet is definitely my favorite fabric, it's always edgy, beautiful and so soft! That jacket is everything, especially because it's got my favorite red tone and of course - it's made of my favorite fabric. I wanted to dress in a typical "rock chic" way for this look, so I grabbed my fishnet long sleeve shirt (btw it's perfect for layering and combining like when you wear it with a cut out or cropped tee/sweater or a dress…) and my Hamsa hand printed shirt I got from the german label Pretty Sucks which I already mentioned in an outfit post before and my all time favorite studded shorts you probably know. :-)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dreaming of summer. / Bohemian inspiration.

You can barely feel spring coming, it gets warmer and warmer and the days are getting longer again. Every year at this time I'm totally in a summer mood, I'm looking forward to the hot summer nights, wearing my lovely kimonos/crop tops/shorts and enjoying the summer sun and scents of flowers and grass. As soon as spring starts I usually wear my bohemian/hippy influenced or festival inspired looks. I really would love to be at Coachella as every year but so what - I simply dress like I'd be at Coachella. 
Crochet vests, fringed kimonos, airy colorful printed dresses, feathers, floral crowns... - here I come!
The key pieces: Kimonos, crochet/lace clothing, colorful vintage ethnic prints, fringes, floral crowns, feathers and turquoise or vintage jewelry. 

(Source: All tumblr except the two last pictures: DisfunkshionMagazine)

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Casino jacket: Vintage || Mesh crop top: H&M || Disco pants: American Apparel || Necklace: Urban Outfitters & vintage

Finally I can show you my other vintage jacket I got on christmas. I also got it from the "Urban Outfitters One-of-a-kind" collection like my other sequined trophy jacket. Somehow this is my favorite outfit shooting so far, it's my favorite combo ever. It's not only because it includes my favorite color black, it's actually that gold/black combo and that coat. I've never seen any coat like this before and when I visit vintage shops my "wow moment" is always missing. It has some poker inspired details and it reminds me of Las Vegas in some way haha. Well to be honest I love Las Vegas and its atmosphere, I definitely want to go there when I'm in the US someday. Maybe that jacket already had been there before or was created there, who knows. I'm always wondering where the vintage pieces actually were made, were worn and were loved. Do you have any vintage pieces and know the story of them or maybe you can imagine it? Just comment, I'm curious. :-) xx

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Take me to infinity.

Shearling leather jacket: Mango || Cropped tee: PrettySucks || Floral skirt: Rosegal || Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

Do you know that problem when it's like 5-10 °C  outside and you don't have any clue what to wear? Well, this outfit is the perfect one! I had been searching for a black shearling jacket for ages after I had seen the one by ACNE which is way too expensive for me of course. When I was in Munich I found this amazing jacket on sale for only 30€ and it's definitely similar to the ACNE version. And even more important is the fact that it keeps me SO warm, I love that cozy material so much. Aside from that I'm obsessing over faux sheepskin (and I mean faux, because I totally refuse wearing real fur!)  anyway haha. Even if it's cold outside doesn't mean you can't wear any crop tops. This beautiful one from PrettySucks (a really cute & edgy online shop from Germany!) speaks for me: "Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn!". ;-) I also got another shirt from PrettySucks which I'm going to show you in the next outfit posts. The floral skirt from Rosegal (they also got many other vintage inspired items, check them out! :-) ) is also very soft and my coziest one. I never can get enough of floral printed 90s vintage pieces. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

When the lights go out in London, I'll be gone.

Shearling leather jacket: River Island || Crop top: Truly Madly Deeply via Urban Outfitters || Tartan leggings: Topshop || Boots: Dr. Martens

That outfit includes many AW13 sale pieces I bought some weeks ago and they were true bargains! I was so happy when I got my hands on that beautiful shearling leather jacket for half price on Asos. It has the perfect length for a winter jacket and I have to admit that I had an eye on it months before haha. The cropped tee was also on sale on UrbanOutfitters.com! It's from my favorite t-shirt brand Truly Madly Deeply, so I simply had to put it in my basket. The leggings wasn't on sale, but I ordered it because I needed a thicker leggings which keeps me warm in winter - I don't wear any denim pants unless they are shredded and destroyed (perfect for winter, I know haha) so I had to get an alternative and those were perfect! I also love the fact that they got a green tartan print, they definitely put some punk spirit to the outfits.