Sunday, April 7, 2013

Holidays are over! / + Romwe coupon

Everyone knows it - Sunday, the last day of holidays and the amazing feeling of reluctance of going to work or school the next day. Well here it is. I don't know why, but holidays seem to pass so fast, it's very weird. But my free days were great, I celebrated Easter with my parents and my granny and went shopping with Mum. Frankly I didn't have to do that much for school, the important exams won't be until the end of May.
The weather has been pretty cold and it wasn't fun to be outside, but hopefully it'll be warmer over the next weeks. Next week on the weekend I'm going to visit my grandma near Cologne, because my grandpa died  and there'll be the funeral. But I'm really looking forward to meeting a friend, I've wanted to see for ages. I already planned shooting some new looks I'm going to post the next weeks. I've got many amazing new clothes, maybe you already saw some of them when you're following me on Instagram. :-)

Here are my personal highlights:

What I listened to... The whole new album "Sempiternal" by Bring Me The Horizon. On repeat! 
What I watched... 90210 & Pretty Little Liars & American Horror Story series (my favorites), Silent Hill, Germany's Next Topmodel and the german reality show "Shopping Queen" with my Mum. 
What I bought... So many new and cool stuff! I bought two presents for Mum, shredded highwaist shorts, Garter leggings, tribal jewelry, biker tops, edgy cowboy boots, the most awesome crocheted cream shirt EVER from the F21 campaign I adore etc. You'll see every piece! :D

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  1. Ouch sorry about your grandpa.

    "Sempiternal" is so fucking good! I like the new style of the band.

    Can't wait to see your looks.