Friday, March 29, 2013

Live loud, live free and care less without being careless.

Fringe jacket & top: H&M
Jewelry: Urban Outfitters and H&M
Shoes: Ash Dean Boots

As I already mentioned in my last outfit post I'm going to post many festival inspired outfits and here's one of them! It's a typical Tessa outfit, it's a mixture of grunge, rocker and bohemian style. I just had to get these beautiful stunning "Thrash Fest Shorts" from BamBam Clothing. I already posted the Peacock shorts which are from the same label a couple of weeks before. I really love the pieces from their shorts collection! The feather print is so beautiful and reminds me of summer, freedom and eagles. (I'm a huge fan of eagles, awww. ) The shorts also have an amazing cut, actually the front length is super short. Perfect for summer and very sexy! You can get the BamBam collection on Zalando. The fringe faux leather jacket is one of my favorite jackets and the top is actually from the H&M men "divided grey" collection. I think those tops look great on women, too. The arm holes are cut wide open which look great together with a cute bra or bandeau top  in summer. While talking about summer, I begin to hate german weather even more than I already did before. I mean 3°C in spring?? I could cry. I can't stand wearing my parka anymore, seriously. Well, let's keep the fingers crossed - maybe it's getting hot soon. And I don't have to freeze anymore while taking photos. Hooooopefully! 

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  1. Love the shorts, they work really well with your skinny legs.