Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Outfit: Route 66.

Tribal printed cardigan & necklaces: Urban Outfitters || Route 66 tee: Prince Peter || Bandits shorts: One Teaspoon || Boots: Gamloong 

What does come to your mind when you hear about an oversized and cozy cardigan? Right, the most comfortable jacket ever. To be honest I don't own as many cardigans as for example kimono jackets, because most of them look kinda boring or basic and you always think "well, I already have one similar to this one hanging in my wardrobe". Seeing this one on Urban Outfitters website was love at first sight. It's not only because I enjoy wearing oversized cardigans, I also love it's beautiful tribal and ethnic inspired print as well as the fact it's black which means it goes almost with everything. I love its blazer inspired front which definitely perfects the oversized fit. 
I didn't want the outfit be too dark, so I decided to choose a cropped biker tee in grey (is there any outfit  existing which is more suitable for a road trip? :D)  and my new favorite denim shorts in a light wash by One Teaspoon (they make the best ones, trust me. the quality is amazing and according to what I've heard the denim lasts years and years..) and my beloved cowboy boots. 
I guess now I'm even more longing for a road trip within the US and especially on the west coast! One day this dream will hopefully come true and I can imagine how beautifully free you must feel to see such awesome landscapes. 

Peace. xx

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