Monday, February 2, 2015

Outfit: All I ask of you just open up a little bit more.

Cut out shoulder and crochet trim dress: OASAP || Old banjara half moon coin necklace: Vintage || Crystal necklace: Dixi || Boots: Airstep/A.S.98

This beautiful cut out dress I received from OASAP is one of those clothes which make it hardly impossible to wait for summer - it's so cute, flowy, comfortable and its quality is amazing even though it isn't expensive at all. I guess I have way too many white dresses hanging in my wardrobe, but you can never own enough of them to be honest. Especially in summer they're just dreamy and plain dresses can be rocked with a lot of jewelry of course. When you have dark hair like I do nothing suits you better.
I'm also wearing my beautiful old banjara necklace I had been searching for such a long time before until I finally got my hands on one. Huge, tribal jewelry looks great on plain dresses and different necklace lengths make it easy to layer your favorites. I know some of you asked me to do a post about my jewelry collection and I definitely will very soon! I just have to take some snaps when the lightning is perfect, the german winter is very dark and uncomfortable these days… So I haven't forgotten about it no worries. :-)
I haven't talked about my new boots yet, I'm so in love with them! They're a mixture of biker and cowboy boot, have an amazing brown/black vintage coloring and on top of this they were on sale! I got them 50% off, so thankfully I could afford these babies by A.S. 98. They are definitely worth every penny, because the quality is amazing and I'm sure they will last years and years. Can't wait to wear them constantly in summer with my kimonos, playsuits and dresses.  

… and here's the song I used its lyrics for my title - it's "All I Ask Of You" by Skrillex, it's one of his older songs, but in my opinion one of his best songs he has ever made. He is and will always be my favorite artist, he creates songs which came directly from paradise haha. I'm listening to his tunes all day long and they've never gotten boring, not at all! Hopefully I'll be able to meet him one day haha - would be so dope! 


  1. I guess the part of Germany you live in is very hot since you can wear outfits like this outside during the winter.

    1. haha to be honest it isn't at all! It's freakin' cold these days and it's snowing a lot - I couldn't wear this outside for a longer time without any parka coat. On top of that I'm freezing verrry fast.