Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Outfit: God only knows but you'll never leave her.

Criss-cross leggings: Banggood || Def Leppard top & necklace: Urban Outfitters || Mandala hitchhiker kimono in amethyst: Novella Royale via PlanetBlue || Boots: Gamloong 

This kimono by novella royal was a christmas present from me to myself, I fell in love with its gorgeous colors and mandala print which makes me immediately think of those awesome indian throws you can hang on the wall. It's my first piece by Novella Royale I didn't own anything by them before. I always loved their bell bottoms, unfortunately I'm probably too short for wearing them. The kimono is perfectly mid-length and looks great with shorts in summer! Here I'm wearing a leggings I got from Banggood, love them with kimonos and longer band tees! Those criss-cross leggings definitely rock, they're different to the usual ones and I love how they still show your legs because of the sheer fabric in  the front. 
A kimono + tee + leggings is definitely one of the most comfortable combos you can easily wear at home or during long travels, too. 

… btw I can't stop pressing the replay button when listening to a song I've recently discovered - it's called "robbers" by the 1975, I watched the music video first and fell in love. Not only because the music video is perfect (probably the coolest and best I've EVER seen.) the song is also amazing.
I had seen several gifs of the music video on Tumblr before and I always loved them until I found this masterpiece of music video which blew me away. Check it out, you will love it. Matty is such an awesome singer and I also love the clothes the both lovers wear in the video. Such an awesome inspiration. :-)

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