Thursday, July 24, 2014

Weekly Update #5

New in …
Hippie chic dress: Mango || Floral blouse w/ crochet sleeves: Romwe (also available at NastyGal) || Iron Maiden tee: H&M || Distressed shorts: Romwe

A lot of new stuff came new in during the last two weeks. I'm so happy I managed to get my hands on the boho printed dress from Mango I showed you for my "wishlist" in my last weekly update. A real bargain btw - 50% off! Can't wait to show you how I combine the 4 pieces! 

That quote totally got me. It contains probably one of the most important messages and ideas in life. We all have our ups and downs, we all know difficult situations we had or still have to handle and suffer from being hurt by someone. Nothing is perfect in life and sometimes hard times seem to last forever. But you can't spend years and years crying over something you can't change and stop enjoying life. Every day is precious, we only have one life to live & we should enjoy every day at the fullest. Being happy is a state of mind and even though when you feel all alone, losing everyone you love or you aren't satisfied with your every day life - make the best out of it and improve it. Never stop dreaming, never stop believing and achieve what you'd wish the most. 

I completely fell in love with that song. No words for it, simply listen to it!
"Jaguar" by What So Not:

What's actually going on…

I've been looking forward to Saturday when I spend the day with a friend of mine in Munich. I haven't seen that beautiful city since February and to be honest I have seen nothing else than my hometown for the last 5 months which can be pretty boring and annoying. I love traveling and I love to visit different places, being stuck at only one single place is quite terrible for me. It feels good to forget the everyday life and just go shopping and having fun with friends in a different city. Can't wait to shop at Forever 21 or Brandy & Melville again, I love those shops way too much. I will definitely show you the pictures of the day with my friend Ally in an post coming next week! :-)

Tumblr enchantment…

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  1. Loving everything that you just got in! <3 So awesome!

    x Dawn