Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Outfit: Wild for the night.

Boho print kimono: OASAP || "California Wild Nights" top: Forever 21 || Shorts: Pimkie || Platform boots: Dioon by Vagabond || Necklace: Forever 21 

My never ending love for kimonos is pretty obvious, right? This one has a beautiful indian paisley pattern I adore. Its colors are also perfect for summer and somehow it reminds me of the style of Ivy from 90210 who's my favorite tv series character ever btw. Furthermore I wanted to stay casual and comfortable on that day, so I decided to wear my favorite summer  combo (you all know from previous posts): Kimono + print top + denim cutoffs + loads of jewelry. I always love matching prints of kimono and shirt just like I did here. You always get the best results when considering that both prints have the same colors and the theme is consistent. The shirt is so cool and it was a real bargain. It expresses my love for California and I like that western inspired font. 
To be honest I wear my Vagabond booties more than 4 times a week, they are the most comfortable boots EVER. These are so easy to walk in, you won't get tired feet and they are less sweaty than my beloved biker boots or western booties I usually wear in summer haha. 
I'm also experimenting with my new curling wall and sea salt texturizing spray the last couple of days, somehow I currently prefer my hair wavy and it also reminds me of my vacations I spent on the seaside (way too long ago, around 3 or 4 years…). Looks like I'm going to store my straightener away and only  go for my new love, the curling wall, and sea salt spray. Beach waves, mermaid hair or whatever, here we gooo! x 

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