Thursday, July 31, 2014

Travel: Essen City + Primark Haul

Primark Haul:

As I already mentioned in one of my outfit posts before, I spent some time in Munich on Saturday and in Essen on Monday, both are beautiful german cities. I only took some pictures in Essen after I did some shopping at the local Primark store. To be honest I had never really understood those people being all excited about Primark before because every time I went to the shop in Frankfurt there were only a few pieces which caught my attention. This time there were so many amazing clothes, the whole SS14 collection by Primark is festival inspired, there were tons of kimonos, printed tees and crochet clothes. I really enjoyed shopping there haha. On top of that the clothes are a real bargain, you can get so many stunning clothes for only 15€ or less. Some of the printed shirts I bought were only 3€.
Talking about Essen in general, I fell in love with the city. It felt so good to travel again and just to go by train, watching the beautiful landscape  pasting by while looking out of the window. The weather was also awesome, the sun shone, it was hot, but there was that thundery atmosphere, too. When we left there was a heavy thunderstorm happening and it was raining pitchforks! So we were really lucky to be already at the train station when it happened. :-)

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