Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shopping ideas: Casual edge

Casual edge: How to be casual & comfortable without looking boring

I'm sure all of you know those days when you wake up, don't want to care about picking an outfit and just want to be comfortable. Or when you go to school, to work or university and don't want to spend thoughts on anything. Of course you should avoid total edgy and uncomfortable dresses, skirts or sheer blouses, it's all about creating an effortless look. I know "norm core" (only wearing basics, one-colored, unexciting clothes, slippers…) is a huge topic in fashion magazines or blogs these days, but in my opinion being "casual" and effortless don't mean to dress like everyone else or to look boring. In order to make outfits look more exciting, you should never go without any accessories. A one-colored shirt looks way more exciting when you wear an eye-catching statement necklace, bright scarf, ring or edgy items like for example hand harnesses. I think all people decided to pick denim pants very often when they put on a casual look  - to me distressed and destroyed denim looks edgier and cooler than the usual blue jeans. Destroyed and washed effects also make shorts look more interesting. When it's summer and hot outside I usually go for denim shorts, a printed shirt and a kimono cover-up. It's so comfortable and laid-back looking, I would call it my signature style I wear the most. When it's colder I still want to wear my denim shorts and wear them together with some tights and a warmer jacket - my most worn styles are leather jackets, denim jackets and oversized parka jackets. But on some days I rather pick a skinny jeans, usually destroyed look (you can easily wear some skin-colored sheer tights underneath when it's winter). Furthermore I only wear printed shirts, I love art on tees as well as biker shirts or band shirts. Of course I would never wear my platform heels when I dress more comfortable, I always go for my Doc Martens, my vagabond ankle boots w/ a smaller platform, my western booties or studded biker boots. (I would never believe someone telling me 5 - 6 inch platforms are the most comfortable shoes. never.)
I'm one of those girls who constantly wear jewelry like tons of rings, a statement necklaces and lots of bracelets (I couldn't leave the house without them, I simply love having some of my treasures on my fingers, arms and neck all the time and I got used to it, they doesn't disturb me at all), but I know many people are annoyed by wearing lots of jewelry - so if you one of them, you probably should decide for one eye-catching piece instead of wearing many different ones. 

Shopping tips:
Here I picked some pieces which go with everything at every time, are comfortable & resemble most of my clothes for daily looks in my wardrobe - my 1st choice: The Glamorous UK destroyed acid washed grey skinny jeans which I ordered, too. It's a real bargain (~  40 €), the quality is great and it's the exact version of the very pricy One Teaspoon Freebirds  skinny jeans(~ 150 €). I've already been looking forward to wearing them in fall together with my leather jackets. 

Biker leather jacket: ASOS
Fringe faux suede biker jacket: Missguided
Tribal statement necklace: Forever 21
Colorful light scarf: ASOS
Handpiece / hand harness: Urban Outfitters
Tassel kimono: River Island
Classic grunge parka: Boohoo
Yin-Yan print tee: Urban Outfitters
Ganesh tee: Urban Outfitters
Metallica shirt: Topshop

Black washed shorts: ASOS
Black distressed trashed free bird jeans: One Teaspoon via Nelly
Shredded blue denim pants: Urban Outfitters UK/EU or US
Light blue frayed denim shorts: Urban Outfitters
Acid washed blue shorts: Topshop
Shredded hem shorts: Topshop
Blue trashed free bird jeans: One Teaspoon via Nelly
Black acid washed denim jeans: (EXACT One Teaspoon look-alike, but way cheaper!) Glamorous UK
ACDC tee: Topshop
Red stone ring: ASOS

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