Sunday, July 27, 2014

Outfit: We're all searching for our heroes in life.

Fringed vintage printed kimono: Romwe || Van Halen tee: Forever 21 || Studded denim shorts: River Island (old) || Platform "Dioon" boots: Vagabond

This week I've been traveling a lot by rail and I'm so thankful for having tons of kimonos in my wardrobe, because they are everything when it comes to the discussion what to wear during a long summer day including traveling, long city walks and shopping trip. That kimono you can see here is SO beautiful, even more beautiful than I expected when I received it. I remember that Zara originally stocked it, but it was sold out pretty fast. The print is very vintage - almost baroque inspired and got these cute, little roses as well as boho patterns all over it. On top of that its design and fringing borders are perfect! I decided to wear it with my Van Halen band tee and favorite studded shorts in order to add some Rock 'N' Roll vibe to the outfit. I was shopping with a friend of mine at Forever 21 Munich yesterday after not being there for 9 months now and I realized how much I missed that shop. It's huge and there are tons of clothes where you can find some hidden treasures between clothing racks. I wish there was a Forever 21 store at my home town, too! 


  1. You are so pretty, you have such an amazing style!
    New follower :)

  2. Love your outfit! It´s somehow American country style paired with Rock´n´Roll! followed!

  3. Stumbled across your page, absolutely love your style! May I ask what size your are wearing in the kimono for reference? Thank you!! xx

    1. Thank you so much! The kimono is a size "M" because Zara only sold the M and I wanted to make sure it's flowy and long. xx