Saturday, July 5, 2014

Outfit: Traveller.

Lace off-shoulder tunic: Jen's Pirate Booty via Free People || Tribal necklace & drifter necklace: Market and Vanessa Mooney || Tooled leather bag: Vintage via eBay || Boots: Zara || Navajo rings: Vintage from Mum 

Hashtag #RomanticBoho meets #WesternChic for this outfit, right? I couldn't wait to have this outfit posted on my blog, I love this dress way too much. I actually bought it in March from Free People and it was so cold at this time. I always buy summer dresses in winter, so I can even more look forward to summer! I've been wearing this dress a lot these days, there's a heat period again in Germany and this dress/long tunic is simply perfect and airy. I think it has the most beautiful lace pattern ever, but it's pretty sheer so you have to wear some high waist shorts and a bralet underneath - but I think that's no problem at all. The fact that it is sheer makes the tunic cute and sexy at the same time what I love! I guess lace has become my signature summer outfit essential whereas leather is definitely my most-worn fabric in autumn/winter. Here you can also see my leather tooled vintage bag I had been searching for ages. It took such a long time to find the 'perfect' one, then I discovered this bad boy on eBay UK and I knew it was the bag I imagined. Buying vintage accessories is the best thing ever, it's like a treasure hunt haha. On top of that you can additionally save some money! And yes, I wear these boots a lot lately. I just love them together with my dresses or kimonos and they get more and more comfortable, because of wearing them so often (almost feel like slippers on your feet hah :-) )

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  1. love your boots!! just amazing