Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekly Update #4

New in…
I bought some new jewelry - I'm so in love. Here you can see my hand piece I don't want to take off anymore and another bracelet. I'm planning a post about my jewelry collection btw, I also want to share some ideas with you where to find awesome vintage treasures!

(hand piece available on eBay)
by the new lookbook of Lip Service - dark, magical and a mixture of boho / goth. This makes me even looking forward to autumn and it's dark days. Awesome!

Actually my parents constantly watch the Football World Cup, to me it's quite boring. I've never been into that kind of sports, I preferred watching my Pretty Little Liars DVDs instead haha. :-) I love these tv series so much, it's perfect made and so exciting! And c'mon Hanna and Caleb are sooo cute together!!
BUT: The german match (I have to admit that I watch ALL german matches, because it's my home country, you know) was exciting as hell! I mean, 7 goals?? Brazil only got 1 goal? That's unbelievably amazing. Of course I'm going to watch the final tonight, Germany for the win!! . :-)

I love listening to the new Remixes of "Recess" by Skrillex and I found an awesome track called "You're A Woman, I'm A Machine" by Death From Above 1979. It's punk rock and a really cool track. It's worth checking it out :-)

I've wanted that dress for ages, it's sold out in my size though. I really would love to have it, hopefully it will be restocked in the future, arrrgh

Tumblr enchantment…
 Freedom. New adventures. Fun. 

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