Thursday, July 17, 2014

Outfit: Easy Rider.

The print of the shirt and the kimono meant to be worn together - the colors match so well! The shirt is made of dreams, it's the softest shirt I've ever owned and it feels so good on your skin even when the weather is super hot. I think it's also the most perfect biker shirt ever, it expresses all my wanderlust, my dream to hit the road immediately and my love for the nature in the US. Somehow it reminds me of the road near Palm Springs, next to Coachella Valley. The fact that the print doesn't start at the beginning of the neckline is also beneficial when you're a statement necklace junkie as I am - the print won't be hidden. ;-D 
Btw: if you search for comfortable shorts especially for hot summer days: Wearing crochet shorts is the best choice, trust me. Even if I have many denim shorts in my wardrobe, I prefer my lace shorts instead when it's hot, because they are definitely more comfortable and flattering. I own a white pair and a black pair, but here I went for the white ones, because I didn't want the outfit to be too dark.

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