Thursday, July 10, 2014

Outfit: Never Surrender.

• Def Leppard tee: Urban Outfitters
• Lacework cut-off denim shorts: 6ks 
• Breastplate festival necklace: Shop Sparrow via Hellaholics
• Tribal necklace: Urban Outfitters 
• Midi rings: Infinitine 
• "Dioon" Boots: Vagabond 

I took the pictures of this look when it was super hot, now I really miss the weather - it's raining all time time and it's cold right now - where's summer??? I love wearing tank tops with huge arm holes in summer, they're perfectly fluttering and it looks cool when you can get a sneak peek at the side of your bra or bikini. Of course it's a band shirt from a band I really like - band tees add an rock edge to every look. Here you can also see my new denim shorts with a cute lace detail on each side from 6ks, the quality is amazing even though they aren't pricy at all. The delivery was also quite fast and safe from China, they have so many cute stuff on their website! I also ordered a summer dress from them I'm going to show you in the next post. And YES I finally found a breastplate necklace!! I had wanted one for ages, I found the perfect one by Shop Sparrow - it looks awesome together with printed biker shirts or band tees - it's also great for layering! 

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  1. This Shorts ! wow o_o
    The necklaces are fantastic :)
    The hole outfit ist fabulous !