Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Outfit: I won't let you be the death of me.

Crochet crop blouse: Topshop x Kylie & Kendall Jenner || Bandits shorts in frost: One Teaspoon || Dioon Boots: Vagabond || Jewelry: Vintage

"I won't let you be the death of me
No, I refuse to let you bring me down (bring me down)
I won't let you make me out to be
The one who's in the wrong
I know I've lost my mind before
But now I'm back
And I'm better than ever."
 - Death Of Me by Asking Alexandria 

Yes I'm seriously wearing an all white everything combo which is probably quite unusual for me to be honest - but I fuckin' love these two pieces together! When I think of all white combinations the first thing which usually comes to my mind is a combo of white trousers and a basic blouse or t-shirt which some old ladies going on a cruise are often wearing haha - you see, there are way better ideas :D 
Being dressed only in white looks great especially in summer. I already got the denim shorts in denim blue and love them to death, so I had an eye on the white version for a long time. When I had the chance to get them on sale I knew they had to get in my wardrobe. White shorts usually tend to look a bit boring and dressy, but these ones definitely don't. They got that amazing buttoned front, destroyed details and pockets. Plus they got the best fit ever like One Teaspoon denim clothing usually did!  
Furthermore it was love at first sight when I found this gorgeous cream/white blouse with cropped fit on Topshop. It's from the Kylie+Kendall Jenner collection, it's so cute and very 70s inspired. Especially the crochet details got me, they make the blouse look outstanding!

Love x

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  1. wow! that crop top is amazin - wish i'd got it when i saw it now too think its totally sold out now! love all white outfits!