Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Outfit: The sky is falling, The sun is burning, A hallway to our eyes.

Camo jacket: Zara || Slipknot tee: Primark || Shorts: Tally Weijl (old) || Necklace: Vintage || Boots: Ash

That look is being thrown together with my favorite pieces I already have for at least 2 years in my wardrobe (no kidding!) - I remember wearing that camo jacket all summer long in 2012, it was one of my favorite cover ups for chilly nights. I still love it and I somehow rediscovered it, I always love when you have something hanging in your wardrobe and you almost forgot about having it and taadaaa there it is and you still feel the same joy as before while wearing it again. 
I think camouflage prints never get old, especially in autumn season they're always back in stores. I really love this one together with my red printed band tee and some washed blue denim cut offs - the combo is almost like a festival combo you can see at Glastonbury for example. 

Btw: the title of my new look is actually from the song "Don't Look Down" by Bring Me The Horizon - love their new stuff so much, especially that song is epic! Have a listen. xx

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