Monday, November 17, 2014

Outfit: Gone Trippin'

"Gone Trippin" denim jacket: UNIF || Tee: Urban Outfitters || Necklaces: Dixi & TheVintageWillow || Mesh/leatherlook leggings: eBay (old) || Platform boots: Vagabond.

Actually I have that denim jacket since last spring, but I wasn't able to wear it back then because it was usually too hot - now it's almost too cold, but I wear it with a cozy knit or warm flannel shirt underneath . I love jackets which got a printed back AND I love distressed details - so this jacket is straight from heaven sent, I guess haha. I think it's sold out already and not available anymore, so I'm really happy about grabbing one of the last pieces a couple of months ago. You can't go wrong with jackets made by UNIF, their designs are always edgy, cool and something you won't see in the streets daily. I think the jacket has a bit of a happy hippie vibe, I really like the tie-dye printed patches which say "Gone" and "Trippin" and the eye print looks so dope. The jacket is also kind of oversized and I hadn't owned a light blue jacket before - they always looked a bit boring to me, this one definitely not!
It's too cold for shorts most of the time the last days, so I'm wearing my leggings again. If you're not a fan of jeans like I (I don't know, they fit weirdly and aren't that comfortable.. they don't like my legs I think :-( ), I really would suggest you some leather look leggings in winter. They keep you warm, are super comfortable, fit like a glove and give your legs a nice silhouette. I always go for fabrics like "polyester", because those are way more comfortable than ones made of polytherane which is the same material used for faux leather jackets. It's mostly not stretchy at all and fits too baggy and not skin tight as it should.
Well enough talking, wish you all a beautiful new week! Love xx

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  1. benutzt du unter dem Rouge noch eine Foundation oder so? Oder bloß Rouge und mehr nicht?