Monday, June 16, 2014

Outfit: Pocahontas.

Feathery navajo printed blouse: Kate Moss x Topshop || Lace shorts: H&M || Boots: Zara || Necklaces: Nasty Gal and Hunter Gatherer 

Here you can see the last piece I got from the Kate Moss & Topshop collaboration. This whole collection was simply me , so this boho blouse has got me at first sight. I wore this look when there was 33 degrees outside and I was so lucky to have this blouse. It's very light, flowy and feels great on your skin when it's hot. Actually it's quite see-through, so when you think about getting it, size up as I did - so there's a better length and more fabric! I think it's the edgiest blouse I've ever seen and its whole design is such a boho chic perfection. You all know I love navajo and western styles, so this one fits perfectly in my wardrobe. It has some slitted arms and a cute tied front detail and the print is drop dead gorgeous. I actually feel like Disney's "Pocahontas" while wearing this look (or maybe the western version of it haha) as the title already says. 
Furthermore I picked some vintage jewelry and the thunderbird necklace I bought a couple of years ago. It fits perfectly to the blouse I think - Native american culture have always fascinated me, I love their worldview, the understanding of how living together with nature and animals should be and I admire them for the freedom they have.


  1. Oh my god, this blouse is so nice ! :o *.*

  2. ohja allerdings, die bluse ist total schön und steht dir so gut! wo kaufst du immer deinen schmuck, tessa?

    1. Vielen vielen Dank! <3
      Puh das ist total unterschiedlich, meistens sind es "vintage" Stücke die ich sogar teilweise auf dem Flohmarkt ergattere oder bei eBay :)
      Vieles ist auch von meiner Mum wie z.B. der Indianer-schmuck, den sie mir geschenkt hat.
      Aber ich hab vor bald mal einen Beitrag über "Wardrobe loves: Jewelry" zu machen, da liste ich mal einige gute Online-Shops auf und wonach ich immer so suche :) xx <3

  3. This look is fantastic!<3

    You buy your pieces of jewellery on fleemarket?? really? lovely<3 (I don't know whether I 've understood correctly;])

  4. Hast du hier eine hautfarbene Strumpfhose an? Wenn ja, welche Marke? :)