Tuesday, February 4, 2014

When the lights go out in London, I'll be gone.

Shearling leather jacket: River Island || Crop top: Truly Madly Deeply via Urban Outfitters || Tartan leggings: Topshop || Boots: Dr. Martens

That outfit includes many AW13 sale pieces I bought some weeks ago and they were true bargains! I was so happy when I got my hands on that beautiful shearling leather jacket for half price on Asos. It has the perfect length for a winter jacket and I have to admit that I had an eye on it months before haha. The cropped tee was also on sale on UrbanOutfitters.com! It's from my favorite t-shirt brand Truly Madly Deeply, so I simply had to put it in my basket. The leggings wasn't on sale, but I ordered it because I needed a thicker leggings which keeps me warm in winter - I don't wear any denim pants unless they are shredded and destroyed (perfect for winter, I know haha) so I had to get an alternative and those were perfect! I also love the fact that they got a green tartan print, they definitely put some punk spirit to the outfits. 


  1. oh my god that jacket is so cool!! how much did it cost?

    1. It was only around 60€ (It was 110€ before) :-)

  2. I love this trousers and of course this really nice T-Shirt ! :)