Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gods & Monsters.

Teddy faux sheepskin coat: H&M trend (sale!!) || "Keep it Surreal" top: Urban Outfitters || Ripped leggings: SammyDress 

There are no words for how much I was obsessing over that coat haha. Well, it was actually half price on sale at H&M, but none of my local H&M stores got it - so I decided to buy it online and there were only really large sizes which definitely would look awful on me because of the fact that it is already supposed to be oversized. While being totally frustrated (okay maybe disappointed haha) I found out that H&M restocks their sale articles in the very early morning and I mean early - 2 am! Crazy how I am I set the alarm and after two nights I finally got it in my size XS haha. I simply love that jacket, it's so cozy, soft and the color is amazing. Additionally it's also oversized and as you all know oversized jackets or coats are my key pieces in winter. In order to add some Rock 'n' Roll to it I teamed it up with my ripped leggings and favorite platform heels. AND: this one is probably my last winter look, finally! :-D

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