Thursday, February 13, 2014


Casino jacket: Vintage || Mesh crop top: H&M || Disco pants: American Apparel || Necklace: Urban Outfitters & vintage

Finally I can show you my other vintage jacket I got on christmas. I also got it from the "Urban Outfitters One-of-a-kind" collection like my other sequined trophy jacket. Somehow this is my favorite outfit shooting so far, it's my favorite combo ever. It's not only because it includes my favorite color black, it's actually that gold/black combo and that coat. I've never seen any coat like this before and when I visit vintage shops my "wow moment" is always missing. It has some poker inspired details and it reminds me of Las Vegas in some way haha. Well to be honest I love Las Vegas and its atmosphere, I definitely want to go there when I'm in the US someday. Maybe that jacket already had been there before or was created there, who knows. I'm always wondering where the vintage pieces actually were made, were worn and were loved. Do you have any vintage pieces and know the story of them or maybe you can imagine it? Just comment, I'm curious. :-) xx

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  1. I love this outfit so much! Been meaning to get myself a pair of disco pants <3

    Cute to the Fashion

  2. Super coool pics and outfit